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I had a conversation with a brother a few weeks back and we were talking about how many in America are truly walking with Jesus. I had one brother tell me there were 10,000.

If it only took a handful of followers to shake up the world at Pentecost, how could there be millions of believers in the Western world? Thanks for sharing that Diane.

This verse was quickened to me that I believe we should take to the closet. [b]2 Corinthians 13:5 Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?[/b]

Ed Pugh

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Few find the narrow road... I heard a missionary say this was to the church. Many within the church walk the broad road and few within walk the narrow...

Vance Havner, I heard said that he believed only 2.5% were saved in America. Paris Reidhead said in his book "saving evangelicals" that the church needs to be evangelized!
This is what Richard Owen Roberts talks about at the beginning of this message: "revival theology"


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 Re: Generally Catholic

When someone says that they are a christian it generally means that they are Catholic. That is how the world views you and I. When you say more specifically that you are a fundementalist, ahh now your treading on thin ice. A fundementalist is like the militant muslims, as Jesuits were in the Catholic church, trouble makers.

I neither like the words Christian, Fundementalist in describing my faith, I prefer to say that "I believe in Jesus Christ". The name says it all.


 2006/1/13 15:10

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When someone says that they are a christian it generally means that they are Catholic.

Hmm... That not my experience here in Arkansas. I have had catholics cuss me and tell me they are not Christians, but catholics.

Once I was preaching on the street and one came up to me and said, "What?! Are you a Christian or something?" I replyed, "Yes," as I stood there on a stool with a Bible in my hand. He said, "That's your problem! Your a Christian! I am a Catholic! You need to stop pushing your beliefs on me!" And then he begin to threaten me and such...

EDIT: It's probably different everywhere. I am in the bible belt..

Josh Parsley

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Jam 2:19 Thou believest that God is one; thou doest well: the demons also believe, and shudder.

I am sorry but your statement "I believe in Jesus Christ" does absolutely nothing for me. As the verse from James clearly states, even the demons "believe", but I am certainly
not going to go around proclaiming that the these demons are "saved".

A statement like "my life is surrendered to Christ Jesus" or "I believe that Christ Jesus came into this world and allowed His blood to be shed for my sins" is more appropriate for a true ( born again) Christian.

In Christ Greg


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 Re: We must learn to assess claims

I prefer to say that "I believe in Jesus Christ". The name says it all.

Loveslave, I'm afraid you are on the "hot seat" at the moment. Just bear with me.

Several verses in 1 John 1 say: "If anyone CLAIMS ...." It seemed like words are cheap. We can say what we think, but scripture seems to say that we are not to evaluate others on what they claim, but on how they life.

For most of us, if we were to join a church, the church would accept us mainly according to what we SAID, that is, what we CLAIMED about our faith. We could say, "I asked Jesus in to my heart when I was 5" , or we could say, I believe... and, that would be enough for us to have a membership.

In this day of mass communication, TV preaching, vistor preachers, etc, people CLAIM a lot of things from the public platform. They can appear very polished. However, because they are so far removed from us, we can't tell what's going on in their personal lives. So we can very easily make wrong assessments.

Isn't that one reason why false prophets are so "successful". They know how to draw countless who just take their word at face value.

False prophets make false converts.

I think that we need to be cautious of those who make lofty claims about themselves.



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 Re: Counting the Cost

Well done sister.

The power of words, if we could just grasp their intended expression.

To add to "Claim" another would be it's inverse;


Have been threatening to post this, it's a bit disjointed and maybe it's my own foolishness that wants to give it a polishing... But much of what you are expressing here has parallels.

On the other note, that of 'titles'...

Disciple of The Lord Jesus Christ has a wonderful denoting of what has become something of a dirty word in our day, discipline.

Mike Balog

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On the other note, that of 'titles'...

Ah.... now we're getting into the thick of things. Again, a reminder of the danger of claiming anything about ourselves........ How the flesh loves titles. How the flesh wants to be something.

Does God not call us to surrender our CLAIMS AND TITLES? And, discipline has a way of helping us learn who we really are:

Disciple of The Lord Jesus Christ ...
has become something of a dirty word in our day, discipline.

The utimate test of our autheticity!


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