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 University of CA rejects Bible-centered courses


INTELLIGENT design isn't the only flashpoint in the battle over religion in the nation's classrooms. On Dec. 12, the Federal District Court in Los Angeles will hear a lawsuit filed by a consortium of Christian high schools against the University of California system for refusing to credit some of their courses when their students apply for admission.
Among those courses are "Christianity's Influence in American History" and "Christianity and American Literature," both of which draw on textbooks published by Bob Jones University of Greenville, S.C., which describes itself as having stood for "the absolute authority of the Bible since 1927."

The plaintiffs, the Association of Christian Schools International, which represents more than 800 schools in California, and the Calvary Chapel Christian School of Murrieta, Calif., contend that their students are being discriminated against because of their religious beliefs. The university system counters that it has the right to set its own standards.

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 Re: University of CA rejects Bible-centered courses

This isn't a rare thing.

When I went throuth High School, some of the teachers proposed creating some "Christian History" type classes, which was easily shot down by the board. Interesting however, that that same system has a mandatory "Intro to Islam", which is a two-week class for seventh graders.

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 Re: University of CA rejects Bible-centered courses

Pray for the University of California or the UC system, Spiritual darkness just does not adequately describe the condition of the leadership and corporate culture that exists in that organization. You will not meet a larger group of educated fool's ANYWHERE (except the 9th circuit court). They are living examples of the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God. The UC system has no wisdom, UC is the author of Political Correctness (PC), this is where the PC's meet and worship, this is the intellectual Sodom and Gomorrah. They only fear running out of money. Phrases from the word that come to mind are "they became fool's" and "they became lovers of themselves" Prayer and Fasting often, with all of our prayer needs many of us INCLUDING myself forget to pray for the restoration of Godly schools. The Historical revisionist have deleted the FACT that CHRISTIANS started ALL of the public schools because we believe the truth will set you free. The PC’s hate that fact they would not exist if it were not for Christians and our need to read and study the word of God.


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