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 Re: The end of the Bible

We have all experienced watching a film or reading a fictional book whith a mysterious theme. As you read through, you are given clues, and the whole scheme begins to emerge but not till the last chapter does it all come together.

Then, upon re-reading the book or watching the film a second time, it all becomes clear. You see all the clues, you see the significance of each charecter and event and how it all leads to the one conclusion.

The same is true with the Divine revelation in the Bible. When you come to the last chapter, and see it's consumation, then all the items in the Bible make sense. All the different elements and all the different types, shadows, and events come together. There emerges the consistant theme, the consistent teaching all leading to the one end.

The Bible, though produced through many vessels, is the product of one Author, God Himself. God is it's author and it's revelation is the revelation of One Author with a beginning, a middle and a conclusion.

The conclusion becomes the key to understanding the whole of the Bible's revelation. And this is God's economy.

To most, the New Jerusalem is just a curiosity. To some it is just a metaphore for "heaven". To others it is a literal, physical city which believers will dwell in.

But the Bible gives us a differeint picture. It is in fact the Wife of the Lamb. The Lord Jesus is not going to marry both His Bride (the church) and also marry a physical city. This is ludicras. The New Jerusalem is the ultimate sign in the Bible.

The New Jeruslam is God's building, shown in type and shadow and picture in the Old testament, and shown to be the body of Christ, God's building in the New. She is constituted with Gold, Silver, and precious stones signifying the Triune God. The Gold of the Father's Nature, the Silver of Christ's redemption (and eventually pearl which is the secretion of His Life), and the precious stones which are the Spirit's work produced in us by presure and the refining fire.

This is God's building and God's economy is to build this building with living stones through His dispensing of Himself as Life into His redeemed believers.

And having this vision from the Bible unveils to us God's work in us, what He is doing, why we undergo trials, what His perfecting work in us is toward (it's goal) and how we may co-operate with God in His transforming work.

It unveils the nature of the Church, and it's function. It unveils all of the teaching of the epistles, Paul's burden, and all the Apostles teaching.

It shows us our relationship to all the members of the body of Christ and destroys our individualistic disposition showing us God's work to build us up as members of His Body.

IT causes us to cry out to God to make us buildable materials for His building. To constitute us through the flow of His Life within us with His nature, and to prduce in us precious stones through all our trials and circomstances, and to build us up with others to be His corporate building.

This vision, this understanding, and this theology is key to God's obtaining what Christ died to obtain and to enabling Him to complete what He has begun, "upon this rock I will build My church and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it".

And I would add that though these things are not absent from history, or from the writings and experiences of the Saints in all ages, the recovery is the recovery of these things in their clarity. And this is why it is called, "the Lord's recovery".


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