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 Thank you

Thank you Gzus and Lazarus; many times it is comments like these that helps a brother from fainting. I'm finding that the sort who won't hear a message because "nobody's perfect" perhaps are waiting for someone risen from the dead to arive, which we know that even then they won't believe (e.g. parable of Lazarus and the rich man).

When we start to succumb to this torrent, all I have found to help is to drop to my knees. Maybe there I can receive the blessing of the poor woman who pleaded until her case was heard: It took ten days for God to answer Jeremiah (Jer.42); who am I to ask for quick answers?

In Christ eternal,

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 Re: Thank you

Just to let you know if you want to reply to a thread you have to press the "reply" button not "new thread".

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Joined: 2005/8/31
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Hartselle, Alabama


Thank you; I thought I did, but I guess I didn't. Anyway, thank you, Greg, for allowing us this site to edify the Body.


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