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 To Chris, Dorcas and all.......

I've never been that interested in Rick Warren's offerings.....and to me a mega-church just seems like a place you can play the religious thing and hide.......meaning you don't have to be IN COMMUNITY...which to me, means not having community responsibility or accountability IN JESUS..or with each other.

I was reflecting on why I gravitate towards the writings of a Dietrich Bonhoeffer or a David Brainerd...its because the whole onus of their writings is centered on Jesus.

I believe with all my soul heart and mind, that if one's ministry is centered on Jesus, you can never go wrong.

I believe that follower of Jesus should get into some community of faith, select a mentor, and submit oneself to that Body, that Church...(My capitalizing is deliberate)

I believe that overall a place like Rick Warrens is a good thing, IF it points the lost sheep to Jesus......God CALLS us to the community, to the Church we are to belong to.

Happy Thanksgiving.


 2005/11/25 15:09

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 Re: To Chris, Dorcas and all.......

I think when I am done here in my current church, I would like to plant one based on this model.

Is church all about a model that we can emulate, or does it flow from where the people are really at?

I think persecution is a critical ingredient - at least, it was in the NT churches, and scripture promised it. As long as People ("Christians") are avoiding it by compromising, they will never be able to have church like God wants.

From what I have read here, I'd say that our modern church has sold its soul. It chooses to be friends with the world. And the world comes by the droves because the church offers something WONDERFUL: A place where they can have a foot in each kingdom (they think)

Where are the churches that are not incorporated, not tax-deductable, not building-dependant, that don't care to make a name for themselves, that rely solely on God for sustenance.... that are not afraid to risk slander, false accusations, persecution..... that aren't reliant on their liability insurance polices....?


 2005/11/25 15:35Profile

 Re: To Chris, Dorcas and all.......

God CALLS us to the community, to the Church we are to belong to.


Recently I thought I had found the church God wants me to settle in, but, in the last 36 hours or so, I've begun to remember a previous leading, and to see how I was unprepared to submit to it back then - and I've also begun to see the advantages of
having community responsibility or accountability IN JESUS.. with each other.

Amen. ;-) I'm laughing at the timeliness (like, now,) of the way the Lord confirms His word to us.... thank you, brother.... This really will kill me - - but not before time!

 2005/11/25 22:16

 Re: To Neil and all - ps

that rely solely on God for sustenance....

Since my post above and some time with the Lord, I am clearer as to my way forward.... but it will not be in just one 'congregation' - at least, not yet - because the Lord has been holding me through the Spirit, with the help of many - a community He has given me in Himself, on and offline. Some of you, I have never seen. Some, I see occasionally, but most, I talk with frequently, one way or another.

And, I'd like to qualify 'kill' with [i]slowly[/i] :-?

submit oneself to that Body, that Church

As I look at my options now, I could do this, but, I already have 'ministries', which which are time-intensive and work well [i]because[/i] I'm free from such a burden. However, I 'see' my need for greater 'accountability' - whatever that means - and I'll find a way to get it, probably from more than one source.

(If SI is a kind of megachurch, then this small group is working very well, wouldn't you say?.... lol)

 2005/11/26 12:05

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