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Joined: 2004/4/23
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Escondido, California


Yes, it was cool seeing this video on your xanga. [smile] Nice that you told SI about it too.

Yolanda Fields

 2005/11/23 14:33Profile

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I got the links off of's message board. I was going to wait and let someone else post it, but after I actually got to watch them myself, I was too excited to wait. :-) I had to share!

Josh Parsley

 2005/11/23 15:32Profile

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Charlotte, NC


When somebody says "But Nobody's Perfect" tell them that's a lie from hell. Jesus Christ is perfect, and so are those whom He has redeemed. Be prepared for a firestorm though.

Jimmy H

 2005/11/23 16:48Profile

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Cleveland, Georgia



Don't stop glorifying Him. Keep it up, brother.

I suppose that I am not surprised by the comments of the newscasters, and I am not too disappointed. Especially since the reporter brought up that the message was heavy on repentance. I am glad when someone preaches on the things that others are preaching around. And I am glad when the message is repeated, regardless of the intent. Just like Ray said, the power is in the seed, not in the sower.

Hal Bachman

 2005/11/23 19:01Profile

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The Netherlands


thanks for putting these videos up, i enjoyed watching them!!

keep up the good fight!! He that has started a good work in you will complete it!! (Phi 1:6)


 2005/11/24 15:21Profile

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United Kingdom


Hi Disciple,
My adsl limit is almost capped, so I'm going to have to wait till December. I was listening to a segment on Revival preaching in George Whitfield's time and they were preaching such a strong message that they were not welcome in Churches. {I think I have it right}... Wesley was apparently the one who struggled with the idea, only having been used to preaching in a consecrated temple etc... It was stunning to learn how they eventually loved it... I hope this is about open air preaching, other wise I have just fallen on my head... :-P

In Jesus,

Eric John Sawyer

 2005/11/24 15:29Profile

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What do we say when someone says to us the classic line, "nobody's perfect".

A quote I remember, but I don't remember from who I think will be helpful to answer your question.

"Nobody's Perfect"

"'Nobody's perfect', this is the hypocrites couch, this is the believers bed of thorns.

The Hypocrites Couch: He lies back, no serious determination do the the will of God. He says nobody's perfect.

The True Child of God: No one is perfect, it is my bed of thorns. Wretched man that I am, I find that when I would do good, evil is present with me, to will is present, but to perform I know not. This is my bed of thorns.

Is the imperfection of your obedience your couch or your bed of thorns?"

Peace and God Bless!

 2005/11/24 16:30Profile

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Iowa, USA


Dear Brothers,
I am very excited about this! IT is about time that God's people start preaching to this godless generation. Even some of those who claim to be Christians are not truely following Jesus, and it is exuberating to see some young people PREACHING THE TRUE GOSPEL!!!! Hallelujah!! We do street preaching in the "Old Market" in Omaha, NE, and it is wonderful to be able to serve the Lord in this way! I would encourage all to do some of this in some way or another, but with the right message!! God Bless! May the Lamb that was slain recieve the reward for His sufferings!!!


 2005/11/24 17:48Profile


When someone says, "Nobody is perfect" a great question to ask is, "what do you mean by perfect?" If they mean, someone who has never ever sinned their entire life, then only Jesus fits that catagory. But if perfect is someone who does not continue sinning, though they have sinned in the past, then every Christian fits that catagory.

Often the question will arise, "well, do you sin." This question is not exactly clear. Do they mean HAVE I sinned, or AM I sinning now, or CAN I sin? Sometimes they mean all three.

I clearify this way, "I have sinned in the past. I am capable of sinning now and in the future. But I am currently obeying God and am not willingly disobeying God. I am not lying or stealing or blaspheming or commiting adultery or any of those things. But rather as the bible says I am taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. When I am tempted it's never more then I am able to bear and God always provides a way out. I am presently loving God by keeping His commandments." Or an answer to that effect.

 2005/11/26 21:21

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