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 I am he...

Anyone know this song?

I was reminded of the following song as I pondered on my,
'Miracles for me' Posting and thread reply. in,

Miracles that follow the plow...

Anyone know this song?

I am he that liveth
That liveth and were dead
Now I am alive for e-ever more.

Amen Dear Lord.


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 Re: I am he...

Are you referring to "alive forevermore" by C. Russell Hurditch?


Daniel van de Laar

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I remember when I was very young in a small Pentecostal church in the middle of no-where... the only song I ever remember singing (we did sing more but it seemed like we only say this one) was:

"Alive, alive, alive forevermore!
My Jesus is alive, alive forevermore!
Alive, alive, alive forevermore!
My Jesus is alive!"

That's all I remember... every song, start of the service, middle, ending... alive!

Eli Brayley

 2005/11/18 14:32Profile

 Re: I am He

Hi ellie,

I think dann has the right hymn there. It begins

He dies! He dies! The lowly Man of Sorrows
On whom was laid our many griefs and woes;

Then the next verse begins

He lives! He lives! what glorious consolation...


He comes! He comes! O blest anticipation...

It's no 183 in the Redemption Hymnal (red book if you have it) If you'd like me to write out all the words, I'll be glad to. Please just say.

I've had a look on the internet and it is not posted in full, there.

 2005/11/18 14:58

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