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 Ho, Ho, Ho OR No, No, No

What does everyone thing about Santa Clause? I'm trying to find some history about it. I am going down to minister (outside) at a huge Christmas Parade this weekend. Anyone know any good sites that would tell some info about it.
Or maybe you have some info about it.

What does everyone think?

EDIT: Or what does everyone think about Christmas in general? I know some don't beleive in celebrating it.

Josh Parsley

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Joined: 2005/1/14
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 Re: Ho, Ho, Ho OR No, No, No

The whole thing seems pretty idolatrous to me by leaving Christ out of the picture. Did it start out as something innocent?

Josh Parsley

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


this artilce might be a good place to start:

;-) I would say no, no, no... It is a great time to think of the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ. It is called: [b]Christ[/b]mas afterall!

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Ho, Ho, Ho OR No, No, No

Hi PreachParsly...!

The whole modern notion of "Christmas" leaves me with a sad and disgusted feeling inside. At first, I rejoice that (even though "Christmas" for the most part is a secular "holiday") there are a few people who hear about Christ during the season. However, the entire concept has been secularized and modernized. This is partly as a result of the secular and liberal media, but mostly as a result of commercialism. In effect, people truly have to search for any historical spiritual meaning from the time of year.

Remember, Christmas is not any different than any other day of the year. The "holiday" is historically rooted in paganism. The Romans successfully attempted to transform their pagan holiday into a "religious" one. It does have some good (a day off from work to spend time with family, friends or other believers). But the complete secularization of the holiday has left me saddened.

I do not believe in Christmas trees, stockings, telling children [u]lies[/u] about "Santa Claus," etc...

Keith Green wrote a great little article about this, entitled "[i]Christmas Mourning[/i]." He gives a brief history of Christmas -- and a nice alternative to partaking in this secularized holiday.



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I'm for no, no, no as it's been well stated by Brother Chris.

I am thankful that the present age of consumerism will be grinding to a halt soon. It certainly will separate the sheep from the goats in the days to come.

Ed Pugh

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 Is the glass half full or half empty??

I'm not much of a christmas enthusiast from the commercial stand point. I do however enjoy getting together with family for the holidays. This year will be especially rich since we will spend our christmas in church together worshipping Jesus, a special treat!
I enjoy the holidays because people are far more receptive this time of year to the message of Christ and the gospel. So, I personally don't think God loses any sleep (so to speak) over christmas, but He does encourage us as believers to be aware of the times and to use that knowledge to His glory.
Also there's enough stuff out there that all of the symbols used for christmas can be turned into vehicles of witness if one has the mind to witness. :-)


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 Re: Ho, Ho, Ho OR No, No, No

About Santa Claus. The original story is very interesting. But it has assumed such outrageous proportions it now bears no resemblance to the original story.

A friend of mine noted that if you take the word santa, rearrange a few letters you get the word satan. Coincidence?


Sandra Miller

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The Netherlands

 Re: Ho, Ho, Ho OR No, No, No

[b]Disciple - Easter Bunny[/b]

[i]Guess i'm filled with the Christmas spirit
Celebrate a jolly man in red
Hope my kids don't find out Santa Clause isn't real
Maybe I should have told them about Jesus instead

Last time I heard about it
He didn't come in a Santa outfit
Santa clause is dead!

Guess it's time to thank the easter bunny again
For doing absolutely nothing in my life
What the heck do a bunch of colored eggs have to do
With the Son of God being raised back to life

Last time I heard about it
He didn't rise in an easter outfit
The easter bunny is dead!

Christmas is when I celebrate Jesus' birth
Easter's when I celebrate Jesus' resurrection
Jesus is alive!


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