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 A Call to Descipleship

In another column, we were just talking a little bit about descipleship. It's a rare thing in so many churches- we meet as a group in church, there are various Bible studies, but all too often our youth are left to learn from what they see, and that's not always enough.

The Bible talks of elderly women teaching the younger women how to be a respectable woman. It's not just about a women's Bible study that encourages growth, but it's a one-on-one mentorship to that girl, that she might learn to be that woman.

With men, many are expected to become leaders by their own learning, their own trial and error, building their character by what they see. Good! Be we could do so much more! True accountability, building not just studies, or fellowships that show guidelines, but personal relationship providing guidance, accountability, wisdom, and so much more!

Now, families are the front lines. But they're only part of what we need. How many come to know Chirst apart from their parents, brothers and sister, like I did? How many were never raised in a Church? We have a responsibility that's been forgotten!

I ask this from being only a young man, myself. In my six years as a Christian, I've known two men who have stepped up to not just teach and consult, but to really disciple me. To hold me accountable when I don't even know I've done wrong, and to help me grow where they see I might need it.

This is so rare- but so needed. For the elders out there, please find the time to spend with the youth of our churches. They're our future, and they go unshepherded all too often.

Maybe this is just something that I've noticed, but I hope that more have. We talk so much of revival- the supernatural power of God, reclaiming his lost church, but yet we still don't claim much of what we should be claiming for him. Pray about it. If you have the opportunity, please take it. We're called a family for a reason, and that goes so far beyond when we meet under the Church roof.

Grace and Peace...

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