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Joined: 2005/1/5
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 Re: Christian is my religion, I think...

Not five minutes ago, I was just talking to a couple of our guards. Well, these are a couple of guys that I've been trying to build a bit of a relationship with, culminating up to tonight, when I asked, "What do you put your faith into?"

"How do you mean?" was the reply.

Well, as we began to talk, I got a hint of "you're not supposed to talk about religion in public."

Now of these two guys, one claims to be a Souther Baptist, and the other has "gone to Church a couple of times." The part that surprised me was that the "Baptist" was the one to refute my bringing up religion.

Well, I pushed a little further to get now into debate on weather there really is a God. "Maybe he's just an alien?" Not from the unbeliever, but from the "Christian"!

Some who know me would be proud: I kept my cool, even though I wanted to explode!

The guy who didn't claim to be a Christian just sat and listened to the other guy quiz me on why there really is a God. His belief seemed to be that there is no real proof, and who are we (Christians) to say that we know the only truth? Well, I pulled him aside and asked him what he thought about John 14:6 (I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no man cometh unto the Father but by Me). I explained that the only hope that we are given is faith in Jesus as our Christ, that he is the only mediator between men and God.

His simple reply was, "I don't know; I don't read my Bible every day..."

How has it become that the biggest hinderance to sharing the Gospel is those who claim to know Christ, and yet openly deny and oppose the Gospel when it is preached?

Well, y'all know that I'm often not a very articulate speaker, either, but keep these guys in prayer. While one thinks he's a Christian, yet doesn't believe in proof of God, the other doesn't adhere to any particular "religion", and I'll keep talking to him. The first doesn't want to "talk religion" anymore, either, since it's not "polite".

Grace and Peace...

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Joined: 2005/1/5
Posts: 432

 Re: Lean not on your own understanding...

Thinking back on having talked with the two guards last night, I think I should've gone about things in a different way. While I might have been able to give a warning to one guard, he clearly has no faith, and rather than rebuke him, I might've gone to his conscience, and showed him why he needs Christ.

Well, I did get to give them the "Ten Commandments Coins" from, and hopefully that will give them something to think about.

Grace and Peace...

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Joined: 2005/1/5
Posts: 432

 Re: Ecumenical- synonimous for "watered down"

This morning I was invited to a "prayer breakfast" that was being held in the chow hall on post. Now, I had seen advertisements for this at Chruch, but one of our night-shifters persuaded me to attend this morning.

Well, upon arrival, I quickly realised that this was an "ecumenical" service, meaning "watered down so as to include all denominational beliefs".

I sat through the breakfast as the local Catholic Priest read some prayers, and listened to the hymns that were sun. I bowed my head respectfully through the prayers, but my heart was far from them.

As we were leaving, I explained to my co-woker that I don't really like "ecumenical" services such as this, which she couldn't understand. We had been offered a ride by a Lieutenant Colonel (which I've mentioned before in this column), and I said I'd explain more once we got into the car, so as not to offend any of the Catholics there.

Well, I explained how I believe the Catholic Church has turned its back on God: It is a system full of idolatrey, they bow and pray to men, they put their faith in things other than Christ. When the Colonel didn't seem convinced, I also said I don't like to see a watered-down message like was given.

His reply was, "sometimes it's better to have a watered-down message than no message at all."

All I could say was that "I completely disagree with you."

As we talked, I explained that no matter how good of a person you are, no matter how much of the Bible you believe, unless you have faith in Jesus Christ as your atonement alone, you will find yourself as being judged unrighteous on judgment day, and will spend an eternity in Hell. While he agreed with me, I further mentioned Revelation 3:16, which talks about the Church in Laodecia. The Lord said, "I know you deeds- that you are neither hot nor cold. I wish you were hot or cold, but since you are lukewarm, I will spit you out of my mouth." (just quoting from memory, so it's not word-for-word)

I said that this is the fate of the "watered-down" christians who believe that it's even acceptable to preach a half-truth. "Those lukewarm Christians are just waiting in the stomach of God, until a time when he will vomit them out of the body." I think Ray Comfort said that. I told him that his idea that this half-gospel is easier to swallow is no Gospel at all, and we parted with the Rev. 3:16 warning towards his walk.

How is it, again, that the biggest stumbling blocks towards the fullness of Christ is those who claim to follow him? We all fall short, but when we teach this "falling short" as being the right and acceptable way, we're cutting off the legs of Christ in us.

Grace and Peace...

 2005/11/30 0:47Profile

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