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 Prayer request

Tomarrow in about 20 hours, I will be speaking to a group of youth. About becoming a revolutionary. God put this message on my heart. And resently, I've been feeling 'now is not the time for the message' but then speaking about some it to a brother; he states 'no, you need to speak on that, everything your saying is confirming everything within my heart to tell those students'.

I really need Jesus' powerful words. His perfect words.

I hate preaching on my own strength, and it's been a while since I've delievered a message (for that reason, I only want to give Goldy inspired messages).

So, please pray for me, that God doesn't only START a work in their hearts, but places within them a Spirit of a Revolutionary for the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Thanks :-D

 2005/11/11 13:01

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 Re: Prayer request

Amen brother. May God go before you and with you as you share your burden in your heart. Paint them a BIG picture of God, this generation needs to be one that "attempts big things for God," because we serve a big God. He is worth everything the "pearl of great price" what is worthy of being holded back in light of Him, now that is revolutionary. I am looking forward to hearing back on how it went brother.

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 Re: Prayer request

Hello YeshuaismyGd...!

I am also praying for you and the congregation that you will speak to. What a powerful message! Please let us know how everything turns out!



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I don't want to praise the message that was sent out 'higher than I ought'. Because I've already made that error once.

God was telling me 2 days before 'something powerful is going to happen, something that you wont be exspecting'.

And that was truly fulfilled.

It's been a while since I spoke a message from God. I told them what A Revolutionary was, examples of people (MLK, Rosa Parks, Gandhi, Jesus, Peter, Paul), and the outcome.

The message was simple. 'Ordinary people, doing things that they thought that should be normal; then causing it to actually become normal'.

But also, they needed to persist, because PERSUCUTION IS GOING TO COME. Your going against the stream, so it's going to be a rough battle at first but you MUST continue. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Example: The 'cookie man', some of you might be saying 'who is the cookie man', but I'm speaking about the person who actually dunk the chocolate chip cookie into the milk, no1 knows his name, i bet people thought he was crazy. but now, EVERYONE does it, without thinking about it.

Normal! (This was fed by the title of Finney's idea of revival "It's not a miracle to have a Revival, but normal" (paraphrase))

One brother said "Josh, your message was straight prophetic, God has been dealing with my heart about being a Revolutionary throughout the entire summer."

I've met with that guy like 6 times with the past month, I NEVER KNEW THAT!! Praise God!

He also said "I haven't felt like this in a while".

I think we all left, spiritually charged to do something.

Something is turning. (In the spiritual realm, like it's time that we begin 'destroying the works of the devil')

3 student leaders showed up, also a youth pastor. and me. 5 people and the Holy Spirit. Beautiful. I wasn't the only one who spoke but opened it up to others. Blessings from heaven!

I can't put it in words, but I felt as if, 'its soon time, to give them the command to "Go, charge, take YOUR SCHOOL back for Christ"'.

Oh! How that was like 10 times my exspectations!

**On the natural side, it was the FIRST of many future meetings. we started an hour late, but still ended on time :-P God is good.**

Please keep me in prayer because of fustration with time. Oh How I wish I could be in two places at once! (I can, but i have no faith for it :-? )

Over all, God showed up, powerfully. Each had a different talent, but God ministered to each of us. It blows my mind how "I" can speak to them. Urban community, black/hip-hop/rap, and I get to speak. Ha! God is truly full of Grace.

 2005/11/12 20:07

 Re: Revolutionary Prayer request


Amen bro! Sounds good. It's always worth waiting till you have God's word for an occasion; you are learning much in these exciting days. Will be bearing your mission in prayer.

 2005/11/13 4:08

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