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 MEAT FOR MEN - Leonard Ravenhill

The fear-filled disciples became fire-filled messengers on the Day of Pentecost.

While the Church is languishing, the world is perishing.

We must have the revival of revivals.

The reason history repeats itself is that human nature is ever the same.

Thus the one thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history.

Christianity has been weighed in the balances and found difficult but not wanting. In the main it has been rejected. For my part, I am tired of clever men. The simple gospel believed, works!

David wrote Psalm 139 with boldness; he writes Psalm 51 with brokenness. He wrote Psalm 23 plucking the strings of a harp; he writes Psalm 51 plucking the strings of his heart.

The great need of the hour is the Holy Spirit’s unveiling of the human heart both to believers and unbelievers.

The Spirit of God is the Spirit of Truth, who convicts of error; the Spirit of Fire, who convicts of coldness; the Spirit of Love, who convicts of hatred; the Spirit of freedom, who convicts of bondage; he Spirit of God, who convicts of human depravity; the Holy Spirit who makes bare human sin.

Sin is not just a defect but a disease; not a mistake but madness; not error but enemity; not infirmity but iniquity.

Unless the Church of Jesus Christ awakens to her tremendous Commission, mankind’s trying with atomic power will spell doom for millions.

At the moment the Church may be asleep, but watch out— she is going to wake, to war, to win!

Paul’s life:
It was an exchanged life — "Not I, but Christ."
It was an expensive life — "suffered the loss of all things."
It was an exciting life — "fought with wild beasts."
It was an explicit life — "This one thing I do."
It was an exemplary life — "What thing you have seen and heard in me do."

The Spirit-controlled tongue has no acid;
The Spirit-controlled heart has no bitterness;
The Spirit-controlled mind has no evil imagination;
The Spirit-controlled will lusteth not to envy;
The Spirit-controlled affection knows no covetousness.

One great risk in praying is that sometimes God takes us at our word. Then will come the test.

The Apostle Paul was a disciplinarian like his Master— He disciplined his body: "I keep my body under." He disciplined himself to loneliness: "All men forsook me." He disciplined himself to scorn: "We are fools for Christ’s sake." He disciplined himself to poverty: "We suffered need." He disciplined himself to rejection: "We are despised." He disciplined himself to death: "I die daily." He disciplined himself to suffering: "Persecuted, but not forsaken." May this be our prayer: "Oh Lord, I bow my neck to Thy yoke!"

Today an itch for "things" has spread a foul restlessness among believers, for we are victims of competitive living.

The degree of life in the Church determines the degree of death in the world.

I wonder: Does the Lord bless most those who dig the most, who meditate the most, and therefore get the most, and praise the most?

Asked what he thought was wrong with modern man, Albert Schweitzer replied tersely, "He can’t think!" Think he’s right?

Shibu Clement

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