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 Re: Full Sheet

Looks good brother. I think the best bet would be to print it out on a laser printer and then bring it to a photocopy shop and have them copy it onto a more course paper that is thicker then normal paper.

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Yeah, that would probably be best. Regular computer paper is a little less than ideal for this sort of thing. Of course, if all you can make use of is regular photo paper, then have at it. Also, printing a lot of these on a color printer will likely sap your ink cartrages dry.

You could probably even just put it on a CD/Floppy Disk, and bring it to them and have them make a bunch for you to begin with. They could slice it up and everything for you, and make it a little more professional looking than hand cutting these would. I can't imagine it costing more than a couple dollars to make a couple hundred of these.

I'll probably also be customizing the one's I make and use so that it has contact information from my church and the like on it as well.

I can't wait to see what others might come up with, and what other thought provoking images might be in the SI photo gallery.

Jimmy H

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Very good idea!


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Hey, I just wanted to say, again, thanks for the tract. And, again, if there was like a page with different tracts, similar to how the sermons of different people on this site are listed, that could be an awesome tool. Especially with the resources that many of the people on this site are able to provide.

Grace and Peace...

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