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 Healing House

I didn't know this was in my own backyard. Within 2 miles of my house.

Here is an excerpt from a Local newspaper:
Eventually, he agreed to a healing.

"The first question was, "Do you believe in Jesus?" Lasky said. "I said I believe he existed but that's about it."

Team members prayed over him for two hours.

Lasky said his pain disappeared and he was able to stand for 20 minutes, something he hadn't done in 16 years.

"I was saying thank you, Jesus," Lasky said.

The pain came back after a few days, but gradually, he said his condition improved to the point where he could move about without his scooter. His prostate and kidney problems are a "nonissue" now.

He now goes for weekly healings."


[url=]Clearwater Healing House [/url]

Man!!! I've seen like 8 of these kids. (teenagers) Wonderful loving hearts!!

I can't believe this was in my own backyard.

 2005/11/7 14:26

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 Re: Healing House

I am not really big on these "healing rooms" which the idea started from John G. Lake. I do think its biblical to have healings in homes and people recieving that as well as the preaching of the gospel. But the emphasis seems to be too far on one side.

Also I do know for a fact in some places like that spiritism and other things happen very easily, I am not casting stones at this paticular healing room though.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Healing House

Thank you Greg,

You are correct: one is better off to stay away from most Houses or Rooms of Healing that exist today.

Hans Prang

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 Re: headship

I believe that just as there are many good ministries that have "healing rooms", there are some that are not . It's always good to see what kind of covering a "para- ministry" has and then to continue to trust the Lord to give you discernment. If it's a crediable ministry which is truely from the Lord , you don't want to miss a blessing either :-)
Just do your homework first (prayer, and asking the right questions to the people there who would know, like some of the church leaders in that area), and then make the effort to go and see for yourself.


 2005/11/7 18:24Profile


I understand. :-P Thanks for the advice.

Plus, it's always good to remember, John G. Lake's healing houses turned over their city 8-) and for that matter, the state/country/world (lesser impact the bigger area)

 2005/11/13 8:10

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