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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Anyone got clarity on habitual sin and salvation?

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 Re: What is the hidden idol?

an elder once said this to me: 'Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he cannot be disappointed.'

I think that this is Bhuddist thought (or Hindu, I forget). It is a way to shut down all pain. Pain is not evil, neither is grief over failed expectations and hopes.

As Christians, we have a will, and we have expectations. The challenge is for our mind to be transformed to the mind of Christ, and desire HIS will.

As I read what you wrote, I suspect that you are not telling us what the real struggle is. What is it that you are expecting? Do you mind sharing?
And then I ask, "Why do you want this, or feel you need it? Are you expecting something from others that they cannot give you? This "thing" may have become an idol to you.

Next I ask, "Can you surrender it (them), and accept the failed expectations in your life."

Recently I wrote this:[url=]Our Most Sacred Idol[/url]

This article might not hit directly at the roots of your troubles, but it may help direct your search. I know that the Spirit can help you discover what is behind your expectations.

I believe that God will bless you for being honest. I trust that he will shine his light on your heart, so you can see what it is you must surrender. God has a passion to set people free in order that their greatest desire will be him. He is sufficient!!!!!

PS: you can analyze the doctrine of sin, salvation, etc etc forever, but that can be just another way of sidetracking from the very thing that God may want you to learn about yourself.



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This raises a question about a Ray Comfort concept. If you listen to his methods of sensitising someone to their own sin Ray Comfort asks the question "Have you ever lied?" The answer, of course, will always be 'yes' from which point Ray seems to conclude that the person is now a self-confessed liar. (If I have mistaken him here, please correct me) My question is "does one sin make a person a sinner?"

That's a good observation. Would it be fair to say that any person who isn't "being" what God had intended them to be, is a sinner in the way you apply its usage?(I don't see sin nessarily as a specific act here as much as character???) I'm trying to wrap my mind around the differences in backslidder verses sinner verses the Hebrews 12 christian who has weights and sins that need laid down and I'm not so sure I don't some how blurr them together at times?


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