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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Do Military Chaplains "Sell Out" God's Truth?

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groh_frog wrote:
But if you're forced to take an oath like that, what would you do?

I would let them know I won't be able to keep it. ;-) "I obey God rather than man, I can't refrain from preaching this Gospel; It's like a fire beneath my bones, to refrain me to preach is to refrain me to breathe"

 2005/11/7 14:09

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Hey, I think that's the right answer. But the fact is, that weather in military service or not, there are many people out there that are just "selling out" God's Word like that.

I think that the military provides an easy opportunity to be secure- to make a job out of the training you have once you do- good pay, nice retirement, good benefits. This can be a tempting offer. Now that's not the problem. It should be a freedom. But there are a lot of obvious politics that are coming into play on what pastors can, and do say, teach, even believe.

I still haven't gotten a copy of the oath, but I'm gonna meet with the local chaplain this week, so I'll get it out.

I think, again, to clarify what I see the issue being, it's like this: You have people who are willing to compromise no matter where you go. But is a requirement of becoming a chaplain that you are willing to do so?

Grace and Peace...

 2005/11/9 1:21Profile

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