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Gonzales, La

 Proper witness for Christ???

I have to ask a question here and get a reality check from all my bro's and sisters in the Lord here. The following might seem trivial to some in this forum, but has really bothered me everytime I see it and I walk away in shame? anger? baffled?

I work in the industrial plants (chemical/petro)as an outside contractor. We do large and small projects. Depending on the size of the job, Port-o-cans (port-a-johns are brought on the site. What really gets me angered is when I (or someone) goes to use the toilet, there is excessive filth and vulgar, obscenities all over the walls. If that isn't enough there is always the Christian using the "vandalizing method" of outreach. Who not only contibutes to the vandalizing, but is also making a bad witness for Christ. I serve a thrice Holy God who is much more deserving of having his gospel message written in an outhouse among the heathens filth. Granted, the Christians motive and heart is right but the "method" is what I question.

Talk about casting your pearls before swine. (relevant?)

Mike Androne

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 Re: Proper witness for Christ???

I fail to see how it is a good witness to deface a person's property. it certainly is not a good witness to the people that own them. If you want to write a Christian message -- make a sacrifice and by PAYING money for a billboard or buy a porta john company and put the gospel message in each of your johns. Personally none of these gimicky messages or commercial Christianity save many souls -- none is more likely. I personally think righteousness should be lived not just talked about and defacing someones property is unrighteousness. Listen the company owner is going to be more turned off to the Christians (who should know better) who do this than the sinners who they expect it from.


Ed Raby

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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Proper witness for Christ???

Will chime in here having had my share of "Port-a-Potties" in construction. It's destruction of property, used to get some that had been 'refurbished' and they would have to take a sander to them to get the graffiti off...

The "Christian" in this case is far more offensive, the rest of it is to be expected.

Granted, the Christians motive and heart is right but the "method" is what I question.

Would question the motive and the heart, only because it's detached from the head, sadly like much of what passes these days...

Mike Balog

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Hey, that's not a bad idea: Evangelism Porta-Potties!

Alright, that's partly joking, but you're right. That's a classic example of taking Men's ideas on how to spread the Gospel- even to the point of vandalism.

ya know, I really don't think that the porta-pottie idea is such a bad one. :-)

Grace and Peace...

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