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 Wasted Breathe

I've heard two preachers preach. One I know the name of (Keith Green) the other I dont know. But they BOTH preached and said 'such and such of people have wasted such and such of money and NO ONE GOT SAVED'.

Does anyone know where to get some current statistics about this?

Ex: (not true, just example) The gospel has been preached 10,000 times in the past year. 1,000 $ on each presentation. No one has turned to Christ.

Area, nation (america please, others are fine too..but at LEAST america's stats), and a RECENT time period.


 2005/11/2 11:38

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 Re: Wasted Breathe

Yes this is from a recording where Keith Green is reading from an book written by Oswald J. Smith. Bascially stating that the gospel has been preached in 1000's of churches with 10,000's of sermons and the impact is none or minimal.

Thus is the situation of a bankrupt church with God. We need to be rich toward God, and turn away from the arm of man.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Yup, so does anyone know any recent stats? 8-)

 2005/11/2 11:55

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 Re: Might try here

Hi Joshua,

I subscribe to and although I don't agree with everything the Barna group does, some of the information is helpful. I did a quick search and couldn't find the answer to your question but there is a lot of interesting information there.

Ed Pugh

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Well one thing I do know is one of our big churches in Detroit has enough commitment cards to say that they have saved the city at least 5 times over. But Detroit is still the same. :-? How is that possible? Maybe because there is no transformation in such salvations?


Ed Raby

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Three-quarters of Americans (75%) believe that the Bible teaches that God helps those who help themselves. (2000)

I found this on the Barna website... Helps those who help themselves? That sounds humanistic to me? Am I interpreting that wrong?

Josh Parsley

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Barna is a great source.

Keith Green's stats are at least 23 years old since he died in 1983.


 2005/11/2 18:01

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I think Leonard Ravenhill talked about that same thing. I don't remember which sermon it was, though.

He was talking not just about specific numbers, but the fact that many people tend to put their stock into works and accomplishments. Basically, it doesn't matter if you put a million dollars into the most perfect sermon, unless you are preaching the truth, and God is there, nothing of any value will have been accomplished.

This is a good reference, like said, to the ministry of many churches. You'll find so much money spent on sharing the Grace of God, like is so popular now-adays. But without the full message, and the power of the Holy Spirit, nothing will be accomplished.

Listen to Ray Comfort sometime. He's really big on open-air preaching. He also does some one-on-one stuff, but his key principle that he shares, is USE THE FULL GOSPEL! It takes no money to stand on a street corner, to show people why they'll die in their sins, and give them the peace of the Grace of the Lord. How many are saved because of that twisting in their conscience? And knowing your sins gives you the tools to understand Grace.

But no matter how much you spend, how much you do, you'll accomplish nothing without the true Word of the Lord.

Grace and Peace...

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