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 Teen Goes On Shooting Spree in California


ALISO VIEJO, Calif — Investigators said Sunday they may never know why a 19-year-old man dressed in a dark cape and paintball mask went on a shooting rampage in an upscale community, killing two neighbors and himself.
William Freund, described as a loner, used a 12-gauge shotgun (search) Saturday to kill a neighbor and her father, who lived just 100 yards away, police said. Freund then fired into a separate house and aimed his gun at another neighbor before returning home and committing suicide.

"The motive may never be known,"Orange County (search) Sheriff's Department spokesman Jim Amormino said. "It may have been a random thing. What set him off is the big question we're trying to find out."

The victims were identified as Christina Smith, 22, and her father, Vernon Smith, 45.

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 Re: Teen Goes On Shooting Spree in California

I don't believe that many people are possessed by demons, but I do believe that some are tormented by them.

I wonder about how he was living. What he was involved in. Have you ever known a gothic or a practicing witch? Often times, they're very angry, agitated, withdrawn. They open themselves up to things that shouldn't be dealt with, and it changes them.

Again, I wonder what was going on in his life. Not which girlfriend rejected him, or how his parents didn't help him on his homeowrk. Sad, but I believe that those are just the things the world uses to blame someone else. But what were his hobbies? What was he involved in?

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It's interesting to note that Jesus not only set free them that were oppressed but healed them. I do believe there are some who are possessed, most are just demonized by varying degrees. What seems to be so surprising to me in deliverence ministries is the lack of actual emotional (mental) healings that seemingly should accompany any deliverence. Maybe there are very few true deliverence ministries?


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Hi Dohzman, here is a transcription from a sermon regarding real "deliverence":

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