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 Called to Preach???

What does it mean to be called to preach? How does a person know if they are called to preach/pastor?

Can anybody give me some light on this? I've got a situation going on in my life right now, and I really need to know the answer to these questions.

Billy Evans

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 Re: Called to Preach???


Personally I might be somewhere how you feel. I am 26 years old and in so many ways I am getting very desperate to see the true Gospel of Jesus Christ go forth into the world. The burden is great sometimes that I think I would have to preach to release it. But I also do believe that God is still forming me into the man of God He wants me to be. E.M. Bounds said it takes 10 years to make a preacher. I am seeking God as much as I can, and studying the scriptures, meditating on divine truth. God will call you if He wants you to, but make sure you allow yourself to be broken by Him.

Spurgeon counselled many of his students in his bible school to not become preachers in his words: "Do anything else [b]if you can!![/b]". the point obviously being that preaching is not a profession or a desiring route in life it is one of the weighest if not the most paramount calling in life. Before the Judgement seat of Christ there will be a reckoning and with those who have been given much, much will be required.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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That's awesome, Greg.

I think one of the worst things that happens to churches is when they get a preacher who hasn't "earned it", so to speak. I mean when a high-schooler decided to be a preacher, goes to school for four years, and then starts his 'career' as a preacher. This makes for weak churches, in many cases.

Rather, when you see those who have been through it all- who were missionaries, street preachers, witnesses to the homeless- and then become preachers, you have a person who hasn't just read and been taught what it's all about, but he knows. We could use more of that.

Grace and Peace...

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 Re: Called to Preach???

A small newly saved african went into a cave to pray (and read the word, I think). He told God he was going to stay there untill God told him if he was to be a preacher. He scratched 21 marks in the wall of the cave, a mark for each day. On the 21st day God told him to be a preacher. Now I don't rember how God told him this, or even if it was told me, but it was clear. Every year he goes back to the cave to spend 21 days there with God to renew his spirit. - somewhere in Ravenhills sermon entitled "the price of revival" I think.. If im wrong its still a good sermon.

"All you learned in school was one fallen head instructing another fallen head" - someone on that Revival Hymn

Took David a long time after he was anointed King to actually become King.

I was in an internship where they asked us to stand if we thought we were called to preach. I was the only one still sitting in the room when my roomate said "Thats funny, God woke me up last night and told me Chris is going to be a preacher."

I accepted it, but im not a preacher yet.


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I've heard that sermon, but I don't remember what it was called. The part that I like is how he approaches another pastor, and says "give me a church." Well, the other pastor asked, "What professional training do you have?" "None, but I was told to preach."

Well, he bugged the preacher until he was given a small church that had fallen away from that preacher's larger one.

Only months later, it was one of the largest, most active churches in the area.

Or again, in "Ten Shekels and a Shirt" by Paris Reidhead, he quotes a chinese missionary who visited the U.S. When asked what impressed him most about American churches, he replied "The amazing things they can do without God".

It's about God, and he'll take care of the rest. I myself am partial to preachers who have experience in the world before they become a leader in that way, just because I believe so many take so lightly the challenge that "not many of you should presume to be teachers..." If you're one who thinks that you're God's gift to the christian community, you're probably not fit for the ministry. If God has given you a message, and you'll know, then you have something to do.

Grace and Peace...

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