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 Jack Frost - A Father's Embrace

I never heard of this guy. Nor the series. But my church DID (in the past) this series. It's just about the past and being 'set free' from the past.

I watched like the 2nd half of the youth verison. I was listening to it and was like 'i already know all this'. I didn't learn nothing.


God broke though at the end. Jack says 'Just repeat after me'. With a broken heart he says every prayer. And I say it all 'with no belief anything is going to happen'. And BAM i just start weeping. It wasn't 'emotionalism' or anything, but God ministered to my heart throught that little mini-clip.

It's overall 9 dvd's (probly in tapes too) an hour or so (maybe 2...idk) on each. And i heard tremendous praise reports from numerous people throughout our congregation.

Does anyone know about this series? Or about Jack?

My youth pastor mentioned something about Tornoto Airport. But it wasn't like RHB's stuff. But instead God's stuff.

 2005/10/30 21:52

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 Re: Jack Frost - A Father's Embrace

Hi YeshuaIsMyGd,

I'm actually going to a conference in a couple of weeks where Jack Frost is going to be one of the key-note speakers, along with Bob Mumford. It's called the Agape Reformation conference.

I'll let you know what I think of the guy when I get back.


Billy Evans

 2005/10/30 22:28Profile


Thanks, anyone else?

 2005/10/31 9:53

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