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 Hate Bill gives Satanists new opportunity


THE government faces new embarrassment over the religious hatred bill with a warning that witches and satanists could use it to trigger police investigations of their critics.

The Racial and Religious Hatred Bill, now passing through parliament, has been used by Labour to bolster support among Muslims. Charles Clarke, the home secretary, says the bill is of “vital importance” to protect Muslims and other groups from “religious hatred”.

Opponents of the bill — including Rowan Atkinson, the comedian, and Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury — have said that it could be used to censor films, books and television programmes.

Last week they warned that it could also be abused by members of religious cults who could complain to the police about anyone who insulted their beliefs. A similar law in Australia was used by a jailed witch to launch a criminal prosecution of the Salvation Army after it criticised witchcraft.

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 In the name of tolerance

Another law to regulate what we are to say and think, right? Similar to the "sexual orientation" clause for hate crimes in the U.S., there are becoming more and more regulations in the name of "tolerance". Tolerance, which, unfortunately, is becoming more and more popular with many christian denomination in the west.

I believe just that- tolerance- to be one of the most dangerous thoughts in christian thinking- there are no absolutes. I mean, "there are no absolutes. Or, I can't say for sure there are. Maybe you say so, God, but who are you to say that you're the only way?"

So many are willing to let another suffer an eternity in Hell, so that they won't have their feelings hurt.

Back to the article, how long before this becomes a punishible offense? I mean, how long before we're not allowed to pray in the name of Jesus Christ because it offends some other?

Something to pray about.

Grace and Peace...

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