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 University to ban Bibles due to discriminatory nature

University to ban Bibles due to discriminatory nature

Edinburgh University in Scotland will begin banning Holy Bibles from its student halls of residence due to concern they are the source of discrimination against students of other faiths.

The ban was a response to student association protests as well as an agenda to equally support all faiths, a university spokesman told the Times of London.

A Gideon Bible is traditionally placed in the room of all new students, and there are currently about 2,000 bibles in the Pollock Halls campus near Holyrood Park. Gideons International has handed out 63 million Bibles worldwide in places such as hotels, prisons and hospitals.

Since the school has students from 120 countries and all different faith backgrounds, officials believe that the distribution of Bibles could be offensive to some students.

Ruth Cameron, an advocate of the removal of Bibles from the campus, and the student association president said, "The student association strongly believes in the importance of ensuring that students of all faiths feel at home in their university accommodation," she said.

She also stated that the removal of Bibles is not about attacking Christianity but about "respecting diversity."

The proposal to remove Bibles will be voted on by the student association and then given approval by the university.

This is not the first removal of faith from Edinburgh University. Last year the school removed prayer from graduation ceremonies.

On the other hand, Stirling University was forced to stop plans to remove 6,000 Bibles from the campus after a huge protest from Christian students. The university came to the compromise of inviting all faiths to place their holy books on campus.

An Edinburgh University spokesman says the university will make a final decision later but will take the wishes of the student body into account: "The student body is made up of diverse faith backgrounds which are evenly supported by the University Chaplaincy which pursues a policy of supporting all faiths and none."

Josh Parsley

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 Re: University to ban Bibles due to discriminatory nature

All in the name of "tolerance", right? What is it that the bible speaks of in regards to the "one world religion"? Well, the world is ripe to it, it seems.

It's amazing to see something like that coming out of a "free" country, too. Something to pray about.

Grace and Peace...

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 Re: Banning Bibles - could work out for the best

While it is sad to see that the Bible is being rejected, there may be good news underneath the cloud. I am thinking of such countries as Russia and China where Bibles were banned and Christian literature was burned, where countless were tortured, imprisoned, and put to death if they were caught, even with a single page of the Bible.
Look at the results of the persecution: People got hungry - they craved the Bible and many got saved. The church grew in strength and numbers.

Here the lack of persecution has made Christianity too easy. There are many, many Bibles collecting dust, and people are not interested. But just wait - when they are banned, then people will get curious. They will go looking for Bibles.

As soon as you ban something, you draw attention to it. Maybe God is working in our society to create hunger.
And maybe this removal of Bibles is a judgment: God is saying: I am removing your lampstand because you have not wanted me.


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 Does anybody care?

I just noticed that this thread has been out for a couple of day, but has only 47 reads as I'm writing. Just curious how such an issue attracts so little interest?

Grace and Peace...

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Hemel Hempstead

 Re: Does anybody care?

Hopefully we will pray and they will add bibles rather than take them away!!!
I live in england and we need jesus!!! in every part of our lives especially our universities!!


Dominic Shiells

 2005/10/29 3:11Profile

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