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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Scientist say the Sun has never been as active as it's been during the past 60 years ...

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 Scientist say the Sun has never been as active as it's been during the past 60 years ...

While watching the Weather Channel recently a meteorologist said that hurricanes were nothing more than Mother Nature's way of removing to much heat from the hotter equatorial parts of the planet and re-distributing it to more cooler parts ...

Many invironmentalist say that the increasing frequency and violence of our hurricanes are caused by our excessive burning of fossil fuels, causing a greenhouse effect, that's also alledgedly melting the polar ice caps ... i was listening to a group of scientist a few weeks ago ...

Is Global Warming Just Hot Air? with
Dr. Robert C. Balling, Jr., Alan Caruba, & Evelyn Garris

.... who said that our fuel emmisions are not enough to cause this greenhouse effect, but that our Sun was getting hotter and sun spot activity and solar flares have increased in intensity in the last 60 years especially ... So this morning i went looking for articles about our Sun increasing in heat, and found a few - this one i've posted ...


This article suggests that perhaps the dual occurences of the burning of fossil fuels and this increase in the Sun's temperature is the cause of these huge, and much more frequent hurricanes we're now experiencing on the planet ...

So i got to thinking that we humans can certainly scientifically explain these new hurricanes away with our input to global warming ... But what's, or in my foolish way of thinking Who's, turning up the Sun? ...

Whether saved or unsaved the deliberations on the current spate of "natural disasters" rages on while in the mean time it seems evident that something extrordinary is going on ...

i tend to agree with my brother Ironman who recently said to me: Any other explanation will do other than our need to REPENT BEFORE GOD! ... :-(

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 Re: Scientist say the Sun has never been as active as it's been during the past


Thank you for sharing this crucial information that is not to be overlooked. What times we are living in. Lift up thy hands thy redemption draws nigh is surely words to be in our minds these days. These hurricanes and all the way that the world is changing so quickly but sadly technology, change and human effort and potential exhibited in these things are clouding the minds of the masses. There needs to be a wake up call.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Br. Greg you wrote;
"What times we are living in. Lift up thy hands thy redemption draws nigh is surely words to be in our minds these days."

Amen ... But what Holy Spirit is really intensely impressing upon me now is our (individual saints) need to "lift up our voices" and proclaim His great commision of the preaching of His saving Gospel of Grace ...

We've ALL got this trumpet, so we'd ALL better start blasting it! ... Amen

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i listened to the discussion about global warming and it was pretty interesting. i'm not sure though that pushing global warming down our throats was a plot so that Europe could get ahead technologically though as one of the speakers suggested (perhaps he was joking) but it wouldn't suprise me though. but i always thought it unwise to have poorly fuel efficient cars till i figured out ford and gm have money in oil...

i am more and more convinced that as a people we aren't willing to fall on our faces and repent before a Holy God partly because of lack of reverence for God's holiness due to pride or lack of knowledge of God's holiness because His holiness is not preached on enough. i feel a lot of pastors will be in trouble for that as will many of us who neglected God's holiness as we ministered to others. brethren let us be clear that in our prides, rebeliousnesses and other foolishnesses we have kindled the anger of God and shall witness to His wrath poured out on the world. For those that would, let us fall on our faces and repent.

one thing disturbs me though, in the parable of the sower Jesus speaks of 4 types of soil. out of those 4 only 1 type yielded fruit. Jesus also spoke of entering through the narrow gate rather than the wide one. He also said that few would find that narrow path whereas many would travel the wide one. it seems to me that not everyone who thinks they shall enter heaven will indeed enter. brethren let us find that narrow path.

Farai Bamu

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 It's a side note, but...

I know it's a side not, but on the subject of global warming, I used to think it was just baloney. Well, I work with a guy who works for the Bureau of Land Management in Alaska. Well, one of their concerns right now is the fact that the northern shores of Alaska are normally permafrost, and don't erode at all. Well, for the last few years, these shores have been thawing and eroding at an alarming rate.

Now, their concern is that too much erosion could expose old oil wells, and create an environmental hazard- but it points out that climates are indeed warming up. And enough to be changing some eco-systems.

Grace and Peace...

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