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 Practice the presence of God

I have just the finished the book "practing the presence of God" by brother Lawrence. I recommend this book to all believer's who want a closer and a more intiment relationship with Christ.

Lawerence Cade

 2005/10/24 15:47Profile

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Lancashire, England

 Re: Practice the presence of God

Definitely Eljaa;

I read this about a year ago, and I'm saddened to say to read something like this and not then make it a part of your life is worse than not reading it at all, a crime I'm extremely guilty of.

this marvelous book can be found here though:[url=]Practicing the the presence of God - Brother Lawrence[/url]

I really should this read this again and actually follow the advice this time :-o



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 Re: Practice the presence of God

May I throw in my vote too?

I read a book with Bro Lawrences's conversations, and had some journal entries from Frank Lubach in it too, which where also fantastic.

A must read, not because its a classic, but its a classic because its a must read... :-D


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good book.

the main thing i got from it. 'Think of God in all you do.'

Dish-washing, brushing-teeth (not said), walking down to work...etc. THINK OF GOD during all of these.

What comes to my mind is 'Love God with all your MIND'. (heart, soul, strength..also)

 2005/10/31 16:02

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