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 William Law : Selections from A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life

This is a book the Lord told me to purchase and I subsequently have purchased the full book. It's a very good introduction to Brother Law's writings.

Here are some things I was convicted of as I have read. The first thing is why Christians are not walking in the Spirit, it's becasue they never fully intended to do so. Ouch, that one hurt.

"This doctrine does not suppose that we have no need of Divine grace, or that it is in our own power to make ourselves perfect. It only supposes, that through the want of a sincere intention of pleasing God in all our actions we fall into such irregularities of life as by the ordinary means of grace we should have power to avoid; and that we have not that perfection, which our present state of grace makes us capable of, because we do not so much as intend to have it. It only teaches us that the reason why you see no real mortification or self-denial, no eminent charity, no profound humility, no heavenly affection, no true contempt of the world, no Christian meekness, no sincere zeal, no eminent piety in the common lives of Christians, is this, .[i][b]because they do not so much as intend to be exact and exemplary in these virtues."[/b][/i]

The other chapter I read dealt with praying at the end of each day and allowing the Holy Spirit to search my heart. Did I walk in the Spirit today or did I serve myself? Did I really repent or did I just had a prayer of general repentance, which is not really repentance at all?

Here's a couple of paragraphs from this Chapter which sums it up nicely:
"Whereas a formal, general confession, that is only considered as an evening duty, that overlooks the particular mistakes of the day, and is the same, whether the day be spent ill or well, has little or no effect upon the mind; a man may use such a daily confession, and yet go on sinning and confessing all his life, without any remorse of mind, or true desire of amendment.

[b]For if your own particular sins are left out of your confession, your confessing of sin in general has no more effect upon your mind than if you had only confessed that all men in general are sinners.[/b] And there is nothing in any confession to show that it is yours, but so far as it is a self-accusation, not of sin in general, or such as is common to all others, but of such particular sins as are your own proper shame and reproach."

This has been something the Holy Spirit has repeatedly told me over the last couple of months and this dear brother says it very straightforward

Ed Pugh

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