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 The Power of the Spirit by William Law

I've been blessed beyond measure by a man named William Law. Some of his writings are on this site. The above book was edited by Dave Hunt and it has several different sources for the book.

This book attacks the intellectualism of his day but it still speaks to the heart of the modern Western church. My pastor said that although one's theology is very important, correct theology never cured a hard heart. I would add that correct theology never delivered one from sin.

This dear brother walked in the Spirit and it's quite evident and the Holy Spirit has repeatedly convicted me as I've read through it.

Here's some wonderful quotes from the book:

"For logical reasoning about Scripture words and doctrines will do no more to remove pride, hypocrisy, envy, or malice from the soul of man, than logical reasoning from geometry."

Law goes on to say
"Yet the church is filled with professing Christians who faith has never gone beyond a conviction that the words of Scripture are true. They believe in the Christ of the Bible, but do not know Him personally. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit is sound doctrine to their minds, but theirs lives are empty of His manifest power either to overcome the power of sin within, or to convert others to Christ."

Here's another very convicting quote (at least to my own heart):
"Men are more concerned about proving who has the right doctrinal interpretation of Scripture than they are concerned with whether or not the reality of the gospel is being demonstrated in their daily lives."

Law speaks very clearly to our generation, as well as his own. May we walk in the power and authority of the Holy Ghost...

Ed Pugh

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