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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Wilma delays homosexual debauchery fest

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 Wilma delays homosexual debauchery fest


KEY WEST, Fla. — Fantasy, meet an unpleasant reality.
The annual Fantasy Fest is billed as this nonconformist island town's most nonconformist week — a bacchanal celebrating frivolity. It's also the Florida Keys' biggest moneymaker.

But most festival events were postponed because of Hurricane Wilma, which was forecast to strike Florida by Sunday after moving out of the Caribbean Sea. Local businesses may lose millions as some of the 60,000 visitors who typically turn out may stay away.

"People who have been poor for months wait for this week," said Barbara Anderson, a real-estate broker who planned to spend part of the day securing properties she would normally be renting out during one of the biggest months on a tourist-dependent island.

As Wilma forced the evacuation of nonresidents, leaving the normally crowded historic district here eerily quiet, Kirk Schnabel summed up the fears of many who were looking forward to the throngs expected to visit Fantasy Fest, which was supposed to begin Friday but now will start Tuesday.

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 2005/10/22 15:39Profile

 Re: Wilma delays homosexual debauchery fest

sounds like sodom and goromorah ..with these hurricanes.

 2005/10/22 23:21

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 Re: Wilma delays homosexual debauchery fest

Wow, a festival of sodomy, and the people are sad because they lose the chance to make some money. I don't even know what to say. How is it that things that were once shunned are now celebrated?

Grace and Peace...

 2005/10/23 12:57Profile


i just saw that on the news. saying they post poned it.

My area is only getting tropical storm force winds....its lightening around here..but that is just florida for ya.

Oh, and there are a few tornados ..i think. (in 2 counties away, in lakeland...'carpenters home church' area..) or south of orlando..however you think of it. :-P

 2005/10/23 19:50

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