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 Living in the 21st century?

Although this really isn't worth a thread, I more or less promised Ron (Philologos) that I would expound on the following statement I had made a week ago.

"...if only I could find a truly orthodox Christian thinker who was willing to fully live in the 21st century without becoming a liberal theologian, or spending his time remembering how great life was during the 18th, and 19th centuries."

With further prayer and consideration I came to the conclusion that my reasons for saying this were too subjective and personal to make for a meaningful discussion. In short it was an unqualified statement that was concieved in my own conceit and conceitedness.

I need less prattle and more prayer in my thoughts.

Blessing all,


Mike Compton

 2005/10/18 10:55Profile

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 Re: Living in the 21st century?

Gee, that was a short thread!
Bless you, my brother. Refreshing and challenging honesty!

Ron Bailey

 2005/10/18 11:10Profile

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