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Hmmm... Wilma is going to be worse than Katrina and Rita... kinda prooves my point about the frequency of these natural disasters.

Oh, by the way... there was an earthquake in Tokyo last night.


 2005/10/19 9:20

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probably the greatest man i ever knew was danny ost who was an apostolic misionary to mexico. he had a vision of hell and i am only going to give a part: the mexican people; in hell, were crying out to God saying that they had never heard the good news of Jesus, that the missionaries were to busy arguing among themselves or playing golf or playing church or raising money to tell them how to be saved. Is your family born again? are your friends? are your neighbors? you only have now to see that this gets done for you are responsible for those God has given you influence over. we are responsible for the lost that live today for we are the ambassadors of Christ living today. the scripures say and they also say "he will come when the times of the gentiles are fulfilled" if we cannot word, preach, pray, witness, love now ; when He comes it will be too late. i am so tired of the arguments (even though they are very religeous) on topics that are fruitless, have been wrong over and over again. have faith now in Jesus, pray now for the lost and for those around you, work now to see them saved, witness the love of Jesus now to those the Holy Spirit puts in your path. give now to the poor, feed the hungry now. leave the futureto God. an icecream store once had a sign outside its store which said that tomorrow icecream would be free. we all got up the next day and ran to the store and the owner said no thats tomorrow. it only took 10 or 11 times for us to wake up to the fact that tomorrow never comes. jimp

 2005/10/19 10:27Profile

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