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 Re: No way out

I'd confess it if I were you. If you can't do it to the person you hurt any more, then [u]confess it to a brother[/u].

If a person is unaware of the original offence, and it can be rectified without telling them, such as putting back money not forwarded according to their instruction, then the important thing is the restitution of the money to the place it should have been given, or, suitable alternative.

If you are in a position of temptation with money and it continues to tempt you to mismanage it, then you DO need to confess it to a brother and become accountable. However, if you are right with God on this point now and KNOW you will always keep yourself right in the future, the MOST important thing is your honesty before God and your relationship with Him.

On the other hand, there are [i]benefits[/i] to getting things out into the light with someone. This gives you a witness, which can be helpful when being tormented by the accuser - because your involvement of the other person, makes you KNOW you are serious about being and staying right and it's harder for the accuser to bring you down in those circumstances.

If you are in a position of overall responsibility, then you don't have a choice. You've got to tell someone and accept formal oversight from an appropriate other for a period of approval.

These are just my [i]thoughts[/i]. There may be better advice from others.

 2005/10/7 11:36

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Yes, though are sins may be as red as scarlet, or (crimson), the blood of Jesus can cleanse us and make us as to be as White as snow, but does this give us the right to continue to sin? No!

Where sin abounds Grace does much more abound, but does this give us the right to continue to sin? No!

Everyday we miss the mark. Thank God for the Holy Spirit living inside of us, that quickly reminds us to make it right.

When driving down the high-way (Kennedy) all of a sudden there is traffic, and you know that you don’t handle traffic very well, and are very conscious of it. It so happens that you have a passenger with you and you desire not to give a bad impression, what do you do? You get off on the next exit and drive down the street to your destination.

Who is to say or to know when the Lord is going to test us? Four years ago the Lord was testing me. Remember we are not exempt. I had some words with a Nurse, or we were angry with each other. The Lord laid it very heavy in my heart, how I was called to be light, light in the midst of darkness. I was called to be an example to my co-workers.
I thank God that I was at a level where I was very sensitive to the Holy Spirit and his prompting. I knew I had to make it right, because he wanted me to be FREE, and he wanted to take me to another level in him. He takes us from Faith to Faith and from Glory to Glory.

I didn’t want to carry this burden another day. When Morning came, I quickly went to the Nurse and told her, I have to tell you something, God is really dealing with me, Please forgive me if in anyway I have offended you, those were not my intensions, or my motive. She gave me the biggest smile and said, “oh no it’s ok”. She was being witness too of a Great and Awesome God we serve. I remember walking away and literally feeling the weight/burden being lifted from my shoulders. Since that day everyone at my Job/Employment has known that I am a Christian that, I fear God, and that I love God.

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 Re: No way Out!

You say there is no way out. Jesus is the way. Praise the Lord, He has already made a way for you. Seek out the path He has laid before your feet.

Put all your trust in Jesus. You know in your heart what the Lord wants you to do. Do not deny Him. Be honest with Christ and surrender to Him.

All these fellow brothers and sisters have also given excellent advice. If I were you, I would drink every word they say and take it all to heart.

I will pray for you.

May Christ be your shepard.

In love,

Blake Kidney

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_Disciple_ wrote:
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If you can not download the songs, than just contact me, lycos is not always working properly in downloading from their space.

so if you want to have it i can send it to your email if you like [smile]



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 Re: No way Out!

Conviction is the greatest thing we can have. At times it is difficult to get the balance between condemnation and conviction, condemnation implys no way out conviction there is a way out . Brother I how you feel,These feelings are not going to go away if you dont meet them head on, It will be a snare for your future walk with God.I would say where possible put the situation right or it will always be dogging your footsteps.We can all drive ourselves crazy examining our selves and dig ourselves into a hole as i so often have done and end up in paralasis,which is exactly where the devil wants us.My advise would be go aside and seek the face of God with an honest heart ask him to bring to the surface the things that are not right and by his grace put them right. God desires truth in the inward parts and the hidden parts to make me to know wisdom, he also detests dishonest scales. he is the only perfect one and our righteousness. At the same time a lie is a lie and stealing is stealing. Recognise it is the mercy of God that you are convicted and he desires true fellowship with you. He will! give you the grace to put things right.
God bless you brother,I will be praying for you May the lamb that was slain recieve the rewards of his suffering in all our lives

Garrett O'Regan

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