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 Kicked off campus

Stephen Starnes and I decided to take a little bit of the afternoon to go over to the local Tarrent County College and preach.

After finding a spot I thought would be good, I started to preach. A crowd of 20 people gathered in no time and we started going back and forth Q/A style.

Some of the crowd was a bit too wild. One girl hit me in the head with one of her books. But I would say it was an awesome open-air.

After around 15 minutes of preaching two police officers rushed over and said "Hey Hey Hey! Get down from there! Don't you know the rules about preaching religion?" They went on to tell me that it's called disorderly conduct if you offend someone.

They admitted it was a public campus, but that it's only public to the students (that would make it a private school). I didn't want to explain what a public campus meant and what free speach actually means so I asked if I could go to the admin to get permission to preach. They said it was ok!

I talked to a lady who was very nice, but she needs me to talk to her boss who was in a meeting. She wrote down my questions and gave me the # to call. She said I just have to let them know 24 hours in advance and get their approval first.

PRAY THAT THEY GIVE US PERMISSION TO PREACH. I believe that they will give us permission. If not, I'll take them to court. I have the whole thing recorded. But I don't think we'll have to go to court. I refuse to go back on campus without approval from the admin, so I appreciate your prayers that they will approve us.

Also pray for November 16th which is when I have to appear in court for my federal lawsuit againt the New Haven, CT police department.

 2005/10/5 16:08

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 Re: Kicked off campus

I will be praying.

Josh Parsley

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 Re: Kicked off campus

Radical stuff brother, keep serving the Lord and keep us updated.

[b]Acts 5:29[/b] - "Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men."

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 The police unlawfully using the law

Hey Jessie,

I will keep you in my prayers. I definitely want to support you and pray for you in regards to the police using the color of the law in an unlawful way to unlawfully kick you out of places and even put you in jail and or citations. Why would I be on your side and not the police someone might ask since we are supposed to obey the authorities? Well I still have a heart towards obeying the authorities but remember Paul who used his citizenship to appeal before the rulers. Jessie is getting the same opportunities. This is really amazing to me whenever these lawsuits come about because he is using the law lawfully while the police a lot of times are unlawfull in what they do. This in itself is a testimony and the courts have to respect what he is doing. It's like the open air analogies that are sometimes made about sin and judgement. A righteous judge will punish sin but if you haven't sinned the judge cannot accuse you and you are free to go. Everytime an unlawful deed by the police is brought to light in court it shows the whole department their hypocritical reaction towards righteousness. I believe this disrespect of the law by the police and subsequent wins in court drives home the gospel to the authorities. It proves that the gospel does not break the law but actually uses it for what it's intended for. It's a great opportunity to show a loving demonstration of the gospel in front of authority figures. I will keep you in my prayers and thanks for being an example for us all.


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