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 art for His Glory

i have no problem with art, & the christian.
ive put a few links here to show some good art & prints.
ignore whos site this is, the guy that painted these prints is australian & surrports the ministry through it. a bit different but a persons interretaion of the book of revelation.
great australian photographer who did all the still shots for the passion, his site is awesome,
He actually gave our prime minister a book of pictures he had taken of parts of america. which was handed to george bush i think the day before sept 11 & he credits all his pics to God & thats his whole purpose of taken photos.
he has a pic of ayers rock which is a place it never rains its hot as all year round.
he got up & the Holy spirit said it was goin to rain get his camera he told some people & they laughed.
what did he get a picture that no one else had, & it goes on well worth the time.

theres a quote thats goes" i wish all art was in the services of the creator" & i think they should be.

(edited didnt mean to click on new thread, was meant to go on the already started thread on art, sorry )


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