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 Survey: God Was Not Factor in Hurricanes


Oct. 2, 2005 — Most Americans rule out either a deliberate act of God or the effect of global warming as direct causes of the recent Gulf Coast hurricanes.
Just under a quarter in this ABC News/Washington Post poll see the hurricanes as "a deliberate act" of God; two-thirds instead see them as an occurrence on God's Earth, but not a deliberate act on God's part. (The rest have no opinion, or don't believe in God.)

Separately, 54 percent think that the severity of recent hurricanes mainly reflects "severe weather events that happen from time to time," rather than the effects of global climate change. Just under four in 10 think climate change is mainly to blame.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Survey: God Was Not Factor in Hurricanes

I really didn't the title justice. But, i wrote the same thing under 'Acts of God, are they really?'


 2005/10/4 12:31

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 Re: Survey: God Was Not Factor in Hurricanes

Interesting stats brother Greg,

i sure do so often wish that i could be as self assured, or as scientifically or politically convinced of the reasons for the events that have transpired thus far in this decade ... but alas i can't ...

i was listening to this interview with:

James Howard Kunstler
Author of: The Long Emergency Surviving the End of the Oil Age, Climate Change, and Other Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-First Century

Kunstler is an admittedly unsaved (he says non-religious) man who while commenting on the economic
disaster he sees coming toward America (and the globe) actually says that he sees a massive religious revival coming, particularly in America ... Why? ... Because, as he so rightly points out, nothing will get us Americans on our knees and faces like the toppling of our economy, and our having to rescind on our overblown materialistic life-styles ... Funny to me that an unsaved man can see this, while so many saints i know can't ...

i see divine manipulation in these events, which certainly places me as "odd man out" with just about all my peers (saved or un-saved) ... i've complained to our Lord about this gnawing sensation in my gut, and have often asked Him to please remove it if it's not of Him, because i just can't seem to get rid of it ... i see Mene, Mene, Tekel and Parsin on the wall ... Perhaps i am to "Old Testament" as i'm so often told, but in the meanwhile i've told God that if no one else believes that He's speaking to us in the whirlwind i most certainly do, and so have diligently sought Him to please bless my hearing to the ability/facility of being benevolent patriarch to both my natural, and church family, in the trying times i believe He's given me the spiritual sight to see coming ...

Well let me stop rambling here ... In tune with your post some others might find this most factual, scentific discussion (mp3) interesting ...

Is Global Warming Just Hot Air? with
Dr. Robert C. Balling, Jr., Alan Caruba, & Evelyn Garris

PS - An interesting point in this discussion that i'd not heard of before is that our Sun has been
extremely active lately with spots and flares, and is said to be becoming hotter, which these scientist say is most likely to be increasing the temperature of the Earth ... If that's the case ... what could be causing that? ... Hmmmmm.

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 Re: Survey: God Was Not Factor in Hurricanes

I suspect that most people are not familiar with scripture, and even those Christians who are don't spend a lot of time in the minor prophets.

But scripture plainly states, "The Lord is slow to anger, but he is great in power, and will not surely cleare the wicked: the Lord hath his way in ye whirlewind, & in the storme, and the cloudes are the dust of his feete." - Nahum 1:3 (Geneva).

God's will is done in the hurricane (whirlwind). As the message was then, so it is today - Repent or face judgment.


Daniel van de Laar

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It's a sad fact that much of the church , especially in America, has removed the word Soveriegn when it comes to Jesus Christ. In our churches we learn to just claim the promises of God, forget that He's soveriegn in the whole process. The events of this ole' are totally in the control and discretion of a Soveriegn God. Not to many decades ago this country would have declared a nation day of prayer and fasting , a day to humble themselves and seek the Lord for mercy. Now the church holds unscriptural views of God's soveriegnity in All areas of life. Let the trumpets blow as the woes fall on this ole' earth. And after we'er (the bride/church) gone they will debate that too.


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