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One of the team members got announced over the loud speaker that he
was looking for people that were lost called “Repent or Perish”, which the people happily
announced to all in the shopping centre.

:-D That's great!

Josh Parsley

 2005/12/1 23:13Profile


keep preaching it brother. Keep preaching it hard too!

 2005/12/2 1:07

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[b]Evangelism Bootcamp Australia - Melbourne[/b]
[i]December 7 - 11, 2005[/i]

[b]Wednesday 7/12[/b]

We arrived in Melbourne at 9:30am, and we were met by John Legg from Way of the
Master Australia ( From there we had to go pick up
another bootcamper, but first we stopped to get something to eat, while there I was able
to give a tract to the girl that served me, she stood and read the whole tract, and then
appeared really upset.

Later in the day once we arrived at the hotel we were staying at, I went down on to the
street with some tracts to hand out. This was a hard area to witness in Melbourne, people
took tracts, some came back and gave tracts back. One Buddhist came back and
threatened to beat me up. But we were able to talk him around. During this 15 minutes of
handing out tracts, about 100 seeds were sown.

[b]Thursday 8/12[/b]

Early start with a 7am prayer meeting. It was a good prayer meeting. After prayer we had
breakfast then headed out on to the streets.

We first went to Federation Square in Melbourne city, and we did a bit of one to one
witnessing, and also some tract work. Also in the square there was a electronic message
board on which you could get a message put up for all to see, so a few gospel messages
went up so anyone walking around could read.

We then went to South Bank, and preached to the people walking home from the casino
and also people leaving work, a fair few people broke the sound barrier and preached for
the first time.

From there we went to Bourke street for a bit of street preaching. Paul Greenwood started
the open air to those looking at the Christmas displays. We all preached a Christmas

I got up to preach on the First Christmas, and I got a heckler named John, now this was a
good heckler, he spoke loud, asked questions, and was polite enough to let me answer
him. He wasn’t concerned about when he died that his sin would send him to hell, so I
described hell to him, which seemed to shake him up a bit, then he started telling me we
live in the Matrix, that created a few laughs, after he finished another heckler arrived this
time a woman named Simmone, she claimed that there was no God, then after proving
the existence of God, she started to say about how she died and seen heaven. After a bit I
finished up and spoke to some people.

While I was preaching I noticed a young lady that sat down and listened to the open air,
so I spoke to one of the female bootcampers, and got her to go over and talk to her. Later
I found out that this young lady repented and trusted in Christ as Saviour!

[b]Friday 9/12[/b]

Again prayer meeting started the day, from there we caught a train into the city. While on
the train Paul preached to the people in the carriage, and other members of the camp did
the same in other carriages.

We then walked to Bourke street for another day of preaching and witnessing one to one,
alot of tracts were handed out, and alot of people were spoken to, but the preaching went
up another level. Alot of preaching was done.

Late in the after noon, myself and Alex took on a bunch of communists in the mall
handing out their propaganda. After knocking them about, then we did a mock funeral,
which got a decent crowd.

After about 3 -4 funeral services, we headed off to get dinner, then we came back and
preached again on the corner, the crowd got some big that a bunch of homosexual
hecklers came in and ripped the microphone out of the preachers hand. The crowd
blocked the paths, and police ended up coming and shutting down the open air.

After this we headed back to the motel for a bit of a sleep before the next round.

[b]Saturday 10/12[/b]

The last official day of battle, the team is getting very tired. But we pushed on. We
headed right into Bourke Street, to preach.

When we got there Wes got to have a good one to one in Arabic with some Muslims,
then Alex and I saw another big communist display, getting people to support gay
marriages, and also abortion. So Alex and I stood and preached long and hard against
them, and the sin, they got angry and started abusing us, but we kept preaching.

That afternoon we headed back to get some rest, and prepare for the nights battle. Later
that night we headed out, we were tired, but we spoke to alot of people, and sowed alot of


Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Saturday, December 17, 2005

We got up the city at 7:30pm, and when Tanya and I arrived there we noticed a big carols
by candlelight in the King George Square. So we sat there and waited for Derek to arrive.
While sitting there we listened to the carols, and it was put on by a church group. They
sung a few Christian songs, then carols.

Derek arrived just before 8pm, and we prayed then we listened to the last of the songs. At
the end they had a bagpipe group play Amazing Grace, and everyone sung along.

I then set up on the preachers steps. As soon as the crowd started to move I started
preaching about Christmas, and the first Christmas. Then some Goth decided to heckle
me, which was great. But some drunk professing ‘Christian’ decided to interrupt and
argue with her, and get abusive. Then I preached on people being Hypocrites, giving lip
service to God at Christmas, and Easter.

After I preached, I spoke to the drunk, and shared with him from Matthew 7 about many
saying ‘Lord, Lord’ on the day of judgement. He got angry and started chanting to
Lucifer. So I rebuked him, and he started shaking, and getting angry.

After awhile he left, and a guy from Thailand came up, he was a Christian but could
really speak good English, so I rang a friend who is mates with a Thai speaker, so they
had a conversation in their language. He then hung with us for the rest of the night
praying for us.

After this we set up in the Queen Street Mall, for preaching. Derek started and got a large
angry crowd. Then when he finished I took over, and preached for 20mins, the crowd got
big that the mall was blocked with people standing to listen and heckle. But praise God
that alot of people heard the gospel!

Some girls came up afterwards and thanked us for preaching, saying that God was
working on their hearts, and others came up thanking us for the sermon.

After the preaching, the council came up with the police, and shut us down, even though
we had a permit. But one of the council managers was kind, and gave us a new area to

Tanya then preached for the final time in the new area and got a nice crowd. Praise God
for all that heard the gospel!


Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Monday, December 19, 2005

Went to the city today, with the intention of doing some one to ones. When I arrived I had to go see council about getting our preaching permits for Saturday night changed. The mall manager was friendly and happily changed our permit.

I then proceeded to go out with Mick, and engage people in a Christmas survey. This went surprisingly well. I was a bit concerned that the Christmas survey wouldn’t work very well, but people loved it.

While in King George Square we met up with two sisters in Christ who were handing out gospel tracts, we had a time of fellowship, and encouragement with them. At about 12:30pm I decided to open air preach in the square. It was kinda hard to get a crowd as it was really hot. I preached a ten minute gospel message, based on Matthew 1:21.

Praise God for all He is doing in this land!

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

There we three of us up the city today, myself, Mick, and Josh. We had decided that for something different we were going to go the big catholic cathedral in Brisbane, then hand out catholic tracts afterwards.

As I have never seen a mass, I decided that I would sit and watch it, and all I can say what utter blasphemy. Heretics is a better word, or maybe pagan. What they said and did was so counter to scripture it was amazing. But that is another story.

After the mass, we went outside and handed out the catholic collectable tract from Living Waters (, after handing out a few, and wishing some people merry Christmas, a man approached me, and started abusing me, and cursing me. He was a catholic and hated Protestants. Some of the words he said were vile.

Once we had finished the tract outreach we went back the square to Open air preach, a few people stood around and listened to a Christmas message.

Pray for those that heard the gospel or got a tract. Pray for those Catholics that are locked in their religious view points that they may come unto salvation.

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

 Re: Journal of a Journey

Friday, December 23, 2005

We headed up the street tonight instead of the normal Saturday night. We arrived, and
when we walked across to King George Square. We noticed about twenty people from
the local independent Baptist church handing out gospel tracts. As the square was full of
people I open air preached.

We then went up Queen St. Mall and did some one to ones, and alot of people were open
to the gospel, and everyone wanted to talk about Christmas so we just swung it around to
the spiritual.

Around 9pm another street preaching team arrived in the mall, and we hooked up with
them, as we have worked with them before. They asked us to preach so we open air
preached. The crowd was angry. When I first spoke some person that said they were
pagan started screaming, and screaming. But I kept preaching.

After I finished everyone else had a preach, and they had a few people stop, and listen to
the gospel. While this was going on alot of one to ones were occurring up and down the

I preached again at about 11:30pm, and this time I got a demon possessed man come up
and pushed me, and started screaming. I thought he was going to hit me, but he ran away,
hating all the preaching of the Word.

Earlier in the night we had two homosexual hecklers yell at the preaching, they came
back after I finished. One of them then started to say he wanted to have sex with me, and
then kept trying to touch me, and kiss me. He wouldn’t go and kept following me. After
hitting him with the gospel time and time again, he left.

Overall it was one of the hardest nights I have ever had in Brisbane. But Praise God
people heard the gospel!

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

 Re: Journal of a Journey

[b]Saturday 31, December 2005[/b]

New Years eve, we had five people show up tonight to preach in the New Year. We all
arrived around 7:30pm, and we had a prayer meeting before we headed into battle. After
praying we made our way up to the mall, and listened to the other street preaching team
before we started. They are doing really well, speaking about the coming judgement.
Although I don’t agree with some of their view points it was good to hear them declare
the holiness of God.

We started preaching just after the 9pm fire works. I started of preaching from James on
‘your life is a vapour’, a few people stopped to listen, and while I was preaching I felt to
hammer works based salvation, so I preached hard against salvation by works.

After I finished I got down and spoke to Josh, and one of the people listening came up for
more information. We spoke to him for about 15 mins, he was trusting in works for
salvation, but saw that he was damned despite his good works. So we reasoned with him
about the Grace of God, and free gift of Salvation, then it seemed to click, He grasped the
whole concept of repentance, and he asked if he could pray now, and asked if he could
repent. Right there in the Queen st mall, and dead man came to life, and their was
rejoicing in Heaven! He had planned to stay to see the fire works, but he just wanted to
go home and read his bible, so he left bible in hand, and a big smile on his face.

The other guys preached, and they are all doing very well, people heard the gospel time
and time again that night.

For my second preach I decided to do my ‘Booze Sermon’ something I have never
preached in entirety. So I started off talking about wine being a mocker unto God (Prov
20:1) then swinging into God not being mocked. It was at the point when I mentioned
that God will judge every sin, that a very angry bald heckler approached screaming at
me. He was vile, blaspheming the name of God. Saying that the Bible was a whole bunch
of fiction. After reasoning with him, and proving his arguments wrong. He started
screaming that “I had no rights to force my beliefs upon people” he said I wasn’t allowed
to stand there and preach. So I called him a hypocrite, for he was now doing the very
same thing he was accusing me of, and that was forcing his beliefs. That angered him
even more, then one well meaning Christian decided to step in and try to talk to the
heckler. He was a good heckler, he said his bit, let me answer, plus drew a crowd. So I
told the Christian to let him go, as he was my heckler, and he was getting a crowd.
It was after this a ‘intellectual’ started questioning me with straw man arguments that had
no substance. So he was easily dealt with, by now a fairly decent crowd had assembled.
So I preached the message of the cross, and how we all have to face God.

It was shortly after this a man approached us carrying a bottle of grog, who was a
professing Christian, who had been living in the world. I believe he was sent by the
enemy to cause trouble, as he started to bring a message in tongues out loud, and then
when we asked for an interpretation, he said there wasn’t any. So we pointed him to the
scripture which he didn’t like. Then the fireworks went off, the New Year had dawned.

[b]Sunday, January 1, 2006[/b]

It was a 15 minutes passed midnight, that I preached my first message of the new year. It
was short and sweet as people were walking past. But praise God, the new year has
dawned. By God’s grace we have more time to declare the Gospel!

Josh Williamson

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[b]Saturday, January 7, 2006[/b]

Peter, Derek, and I met with Josh, and Ben in King George Square at 7:30pm, and we had
a prayer meeting before going into battle.

As our permit didn’t start til 9pm, we went down and watched another preaching team
open air preach in the mall for a little while, and then we made our way to the spot in
which we were to preach.

Josh Michael started by talking about evolution, he preached for a fairly long time,
expounding on the Law of God, and His Holy Standard.

Then it was my turn, I started by talking about God’s character, and His holiness, it was
then we got a person who wanted to argue, saying that he was god. So I reasoned with (or
tried to) but he was positive that he was god, and nothing would change that. It was then
the police came and shut us down for preaching. It was a new record, I joked with the
police that it normally takes a lot longer than this, and they laughed and cleared us to
preach again.

Derek then started to preach, and he had a professing christian, who was drunk starting to
yell at him. So Derek kept preaching. I preached following Derek and I had the same
drunk. So I preached against drunkenness, and how wine is a mocker (Prov 20:1). This
made him really mad, and he started cursing me out. Then a young female came along
and started screaming all kinds of things, and didn’t like our preaching. Yet she stayed
for the whole thing.

Tonight was a new area of preaching in mall, and it was a harder area. But Praise God
people heard the truth, may it set them free.

Josh Williamson

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Save these brother..

This is the greatest thing since sliced bread. PRAISE GOD!! Oh how i envy thee, thy courage, thy strength, thy obdience! A mordern wesly no doubt. I rejoice in spirit watching ray comfort. I rejoice even more reading of a fellow labourer. Brethern, even as I pray for you that God will strengthen ye on the battlefield, for you truly do the work of apostles (are weapons are not carnal). Pray for me that I will obey the Lord, and he will find me a help meet for me, to help us do such great and mighty works which we hitherto knew not. Praise the Lamb that he hath risen ye up, these journals are great! 8-) Glad to see God letting the police man have a sense of humor..

This is like reading David Brainard on a soap box.

Sean Hobson

 2006/1/7 22:03Profile

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