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that want to shut us bible thumpers up

you're a 'bible thumper' are ya?

what happened to being a follower of Jesus?

the only thing a "bible thumper" is good for is.....well.....thumping a bible.

 2005/10/4 20:01



you wrote:

Dont label me a Nazi

who labeled you a nazi?

I didn't, I just asked if you did due dilligence, thats all.

Ted Pike can regurgitate and vomit up any warmed over Jew baiting rhetoric he wants in America, anybody can. You can go up to Haydn Lake in Idaho, and attend the Aryan Nations tent meeting, and they'll tell you all you want to know about the "worldwide zionist plot to dominate the the banking industry", and how "Jews dominate Hollywood"...all this kind of rhetoric is on Pike's website. You can go up to Haydn Lake and see how "American Patriots" who are in the "Christian Identity church" testify how they love Jesus and hate the Jews.

A lot of guys use the provisions of the Lord to dress up their own political and carnal ambitions.

 2005/10/4 20:10

 Re: what?

Neil, I pray your "weekend retreat" helps.

That's about all I can say at this point.

And for Krispy's defense, he only posted about a 'Bill' and provided the Bill # and all, and it had [b]nothing[/b] to do with that Pastor, but for some reason, you're just staying on that. He even tried to explain that to you, but your a Jew today but Catholic tomorrow and just confusing me more than I've ever been by anyone.

You don't "research" anything you're throwing out at Krispy, you just go on and on.

Didn't you see where this Pike guy calls the real Jewish people "God's Chosen People" ?


This all is very disheartening and disquieting.

Krispy doesn't hate Jews, I sure as life can't hate Jews. He just posted a Bill that passed through congress, but you're telling him to go Idaho to cultists.

Oh Lord.

Have a good weekend Neil. I hope.

 2005/10/4 23:36


Krispy, maybe this may help.

Then again, maybe Beverly's been to Idaho too. :-(

 2005/10/5 0:29


I've recovered and got my breath back.

to Grannie Annie
by Neilgin1 on 2005/10/4 19:57:12

Your all wrong on this.

I'm sorry to put it so blunt, but the "Reverend" Ted Pike is a Jew hater and baiter, there's no two ways about it.

You can quote, misquote Scripture all you want, but there it is.

go to his website

and start reading.

[b]Show me where on this thread, did I "misquote Scripture" and then read this below, because you are now a "false accuser" on two or three accounts.[/b]

By Rev. Ted Pike[/b]

May we conclude, then, that the church of Jesus Christ is now the complete inheritor of the promises given Abraham, and that God is finished with the unbelieving nation of Israel?

Absolutely not.


Scripture, especially in the Old Testament, teaches in hundreds of instances that, despite the apostasy of Israel, God will someday be honored and obeyed by a predestined believing remnant of Jews. Some passages are:

Isaiah 4:4, 10:20, 14:3, 31:12, 51:17, 52:1-4, 64:9-10
Jeremiah 3:22-24, 30:8, 33:6,8, 50:20
Ezekiel 11:19-20, 16:41-42, 39:22, 44:23
Joel 2:18-20
Zephaniah 2:7, 3:11-20

One third of Jewry and their proselytes will, out of great tribulation, repent and turn to their true Messiah at his Second Coming. (Ezek. 5:12; Zech. 13:8)

It is with this coming remnant in mind that Paul informs us that, (in the present tense) to them “belongs the adoption as sons, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the law, and the temple service, and the promises.” (Rom. 9:4)


Let’s consider the spiritual inheritance that this predestined remnant possesses, a legacy awaiting full activation when Christ re-gathers them to Palestine and begins his millennial reign.

First, the remnant possesses the promise of “the adoption as sons.” Millions of Jews, though presently rejecting Christ, have been foreknown by Christ to someday be “adopted as sons” through repentance.

Second, the remnant possesses “the glory”. The Shekinah glory that descended on Moses, the tabernacle, and the prophets, etc. - is promised to descend once again upon the remnant. The Holy Spirit will be poured out upon them. (Joel 2:28)

Third, the remnant possesses “the covenants.” These include the right to possess Canaan land in a physical, literal way. Old Testament scripture is emphatic that title to the physical land of Israel belongs to those of the physical seed of Abraham, who also do his works of faith. (Ezek 47:14) This covenant was not made to the Gentile church.

When this remnant at last gives Christ the same obedience that “God’s chosen people” gave him under Joshua and Ezra, then they will have divine approval to occupy the Holy Land. During the last 2,000 years no generation of Jews has given Christ such obedience. As a result, scripture forbids them to re-occupy a land dedicated to faith, obedience and holiness.

Fourth, the remnant possesses the “giving of the law” and the “temple services.” Even though Hebrews in the Old Testament rarely fulfilled his law perfectly, God will someday have obedience from the Jewish remnant and their posterity. This will be through faith, but also by perfect keeping of the Mosaic law. To them is entrusted the privilege to facilitate the temple service during the millennium. (Ezek. 40-48)

Fifth, the remnant possesses “the promises.” These are the wealth of prophetic assurances that, despite the depths of apostasy Israel’s evil leaders have led the Jewish people into, someday, when they repent, God will fulfill all Old Testament prophesies concerning national redemption and blessing under Jesus Christ.

At that time, Paul tells us, Isaiah 59:20 will be fulfilled: “The Deliverer (Jesus) will come from Zion and will remove ungodliness from Jacob.” (Rom. 11:26) That promise was not fulfilled, in the national sense that Isaiah prophesied it, by Christ’s first coming. Instead, Paul, writing twenty-three years after Christ’s first coming, anticipated that day. That will be a time when not just a few token Jews will believe on Christ, but “all Israel will be saved.” (Rom. 11:26) At present, that could amount to as many as 6 million Jews.


Clearly, nearly 2,000 years of Jewry have died in rejection and unbelief in Christ. Such past generations have not proven to be God’s chosen people. Instead, if they have believed the Talmud’s false testimonies against Christ - that he was a bastard (Sanh. 106b), a deceiver of his people (Sanh. 43a), and is now in hell (Git. 56b-57a) – then they have been of the synagogue of Satan. They have died in their sins.

Yet, the prophet Ezekiel assures us that someday the dry bones of the remnant will be resurrected (Ezek. 37). Out of the spiritual barrenness of Talmudic Judaism and the terror of the great tribulation, Christ will spiritually gather their bones together. He will spiritually attach sinews and muscles, clothing them with skin, and raising them up to stand in faith as a mighty, militant remnant before him. {end quote}

(Thanks for making me go look at his website Neil.)

 2005/10/5 1:13


Whoa whoa whoa... everyone chill out. Neil, I know you didnt call me a Nazi, and I wasnt directing that comment at you. It was a general comment to everyone reading this that if this pastor is a Jew hater, then obviously I do not wish to be associated with him.

However, concerning the TOPIC of this thread, the information I posted is accurate, and is worthy of discussion. But unfortunately it got lost in the shuffle. Thats a shame. While we're over here in the corner arguing about what some man believes... we are losing our rights as American citizens.

This thread is about the information I posted, not the source. But at this point, I guess no one cares. I gave 8 years of my life protecting our freedoms and willing to die so that forums like this could exist, so that Glenn Beck AND Phil Donahue could have a voice, so that people in this country could practice whatever religion they wanted to (whether I agree with them or not).... and now it seems to be in jepordy and no one cares.


 2005/10/5 8:44


Krispy, from now on, no matter what the issue, you're on your own.

Between all of your whoas, did you see this

Take care.

 2005/10/5 11:01


Krispy, from now on, no matter what the issue, you're on your own.

*sigh* ... I cant win. Nevermind.



 2005/10/5 11:08

Joined: 2005/8/1
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North West England


Krispy, I've been folowing this thread since you posted it and I would like to say I am on your side, I read the article with trepidation, we too in England are about to vote on a similar bill next Tuesday, and even if it doesn't go through then, it will eventually. I don't have the background you have, it seems you have been standing up for free speech for many years, I am sure you have many people who need to thank you for that, but I do speek out publically, in my local market town each week, and I am preparing myself for the very real possibility that I may get locked up for it. Only God can save our countries and He is constantly searching for people like yourself who will put their freedom on the line to protect His Word. I pray, for both you and I, that we will have a few more years of grace, to reach a few more people, before we join our persecuted brothers and sisters from many other countries.
Please take heart from this post, there are others out there who are thankful for the warning you originally intended, the rest is a side issue.

God Bless


 2005/10/6 16:02Profile


I don't have the background you have, it seems you have been standing up for free speech for many years

I was in the Marines, thats all I meant when I said I spent 8 years defending peoples right to free speech. In reality I defended the entire Bill of Rights, and the Constitution of the United States. But no one needs to thank me... I only did my duty.

By the way... Grannie Annie deserves some credit on this thread. She stuck to her guns and came along side me on this thread, and I said "no one cares" when obviously she did. This was simply a slip on me, I didnt mean to slight her, if she feels I did.


 2005/10/8 5:23

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