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 Re: The Tyler trial

Hi, Jesse,

There will be much, that will unfold, now this Trial. is over and you will see God, come to pass, in all of this.

The Testimony of the college professor in this case would have to be taken into consideration by the Jury. I can see on this point that they would have to consider this. Therefore, under the Law of the court, Justice was done.

Remember this, that this is now called History.
It is now publicly documented in the courts and documented in the Newspapers, Under Freedom of Speech. There are people who will be taking notice. It has now been brought into the public Forum. It will be talked about in high places,
Particularly in the Law Society etc.

In all of this is God. A point of Law is now being realised in your society, that there is a problem with freedom of speech.

Many people, in many places, will be noting this. Perhaps you could bring this to the attention of the President, George Bush.
I think you should.

All your actions all the way through, have been honourable.

God knows all of this and he knows that you have been a faithful Servant, true to him.

I will be watching this, as in the future we will see Gods purpose, unravel.

Thou good and faithful servant. Amen.


 2005/10/8 13:38Profile


I just wish that this public campus would appoint a time and place for free speach. They just don't want it at all on their public campus.

 2005/10/8 16:04

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