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 Prayer 4 Court Trial

Hey Everyone,

This Tuesday, October 4th, I'll be standing trial in Smith County Courthouse for attempting to preach on the TJC public campus.

Please keep the trial in your prayers. I am going to use my testifying time to preach the Gospel.

 2005/10/2 22:15

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 Re: Prayer 4 Court Trial

Praise God brother. I will be praying. I was wondering how you are doing, you must be busy in ministry with the network. Please you brother hope to talk soon. I am feeling the Lord really propelling me to open air in toronto where I am at right now. So many lost souls walking around. :(

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Prayer 4 Court Trial

will be praying

Eileen Teitsworth

 2005/10/2 22:31Profile


Yes Sir, will be praying and appreciate your email newsletters that keep us up to date.

Will and have been praying for this and now will also pray for Greg, as Canada has some pretty tough hate speech laws.

Just a small testimony that may seem irrelevant, but when I was newly saved, I "had" to get somewhere "fast" in my car ... I never "break the law", but this was one time I couldn't help it ... I 'had to' speed down the highway to get somewhere.

Well, I prayed and asked Jesus to make me "invisible".

He always has shown me that HE has a sense of humor, since I first met Him and He knew how badly I needed to laugh, after the life I had, so once again He cracked me up.

Cars started to cross in front of me, within less than an inch, etc., and I cried out to God, "Lord, what is wrong with these people .... Can't they SEE ME ?"

Well, you know how God "Smiles" ... He said back, "Well, didn't you pray to be 'invisible' ?"

Haaaaa ~ I laughed so much I got tears.

I said back to Him. "O.K. LORD, You are my favorite Funny One, but can I fix that prayer to ... JUST FROM THE POLICE NOW ?"
:-D He is SO GOOD.

Well, you know where I'm headed with all'a that.
You both are the object of my thoughts/prayers and the Object of His Affection.


 2005/10/2 22:56


Oh, and a P.S. to my post above.

One time I felt led to "write out" Psalm 35 and put it in my pocket.

At the time, I REALLY-REALLY needed it and could have been in [b]BIG[/b] trouble ... but that Psalm said it all and did it all and against all odds, instead of getting in the big trouble that I should have according to the situation & Rules, God turned it around, that the same ones who could have bagged me for a genuine no-no, in their eyes (but not God's in that particular instance with me), turned around and repayed me for what they may have never "paid" someone to do in history.

True story, but the focus here is on His Word that He gives us and we carry in our heart. Or our pocket. ;-)

 2005/10/2 23:05

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 Re: Prayer 4 Court Trial

Hi Jesse,

Will be praying for you Jesse.

Our God is Mighty and Glorious, he is watching over you.
He Loves you Greatly, as much as he is Great and Almighty in the Heavens above and over all the Earth.
You are the apple of His eye, he delights in you.
Glory to God in the highest, we pray Justice Father God for Jesse and that Your Glorious Presence will fill the Courtroom.


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 Re: Prayer 4 Court Trial

Father, Help Jesse in all he endeavors to do and say, for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Let him speak under the unction and the anointing of the Hoply Spirit. You, be Glorified.
In Jesus Name.
Nellie :-)

 2005/10/3 9:58Profile


The Tyler trial was this past October 4th in the Smith County Courthouse.

The charges brought against me by the State of Texas were “criminal trespass” on the Tyler Junior College public campus.

I requested a trial by jury, as well as punishment (if found guilty) by the jury. Right before trial the prosecution offered me one last plea bargain, actually a pretty sweet deal, but I still wanted the whole issue to be heard by a jury and if I was guilty I wanted it to be proven with facts by the prosecution.

[b]The prosecutions case was:[/b]

1)My open-air meetings were possibly disruptive to classes but deffinately did disrupt one college professor in his office.

2)Because of that I was not permitted to be on the campus.

3)I returned to the public campus after being warned twice and therefore were trespassing.

[b]Our defense was:[/b]

1)My open-air meetings were done at a reasonable time, location, and with a reasonable volume level.

2)The campus never told me a specific time, place, or location for free speech which they must do as a public campus.

3)My friend had received permission for us to be on campus from the administration building.

4)I complied with the police and their requests every step of the way to the best of my knowledge and ability.

5)My motives were purely to use my first ammendment right on public property and not to do anything criminal or disruptive.

After 3 officers testified against me, one college professor testified against me, I testified for myself, the two prosecutors made their case against me, and my lawyer made his case for me, the jury found me guilty of the trespassing charges.

The prosecution requested the punishment be either 2 years probation with a $2,000 fine or 90 days in prison. The jury decided to give me no fine, no jail time, and 6 months probation.

[b]Probation now consists of:[/b]

1)A monthly trip to visit with my probation officer.

2)60 hours community service (which I can do at the Salvation Army!)

3)$50.00 a month probation fee, along with the court fee of $276.00.

I can simply say that I am glad that the whole ordeal is done and over with and I can put it all behind me. The entire situation has been very grieving to me. But I look forward to preaching on the campuses that will permit free speech.

 2005/10/5 2:14

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May the blessing of the Lord be on you!

Deut. 31:8

Ruth Anna

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Iowa U.S.

 Re: Prayer 4 Court Trial

Glory be to God, I am glad that it is over for you too.

Eileen Teitsworth

 2005/10/5 15:12Profile

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