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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : I need prayer friends

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Oh dorcas,
Your post wasn't there when I pushed Reply.

How beautiful by Spurgeon. Thank you so much for seeing what he wrote and posting it to me.
It's so beautifully written. Oh my !

Yes, I've been praying about my "rough edges", so your underlined point is an "Amen Sister". :-)

I also loved this ending part too and it brought great comfort and assurance ...

[b]"Our time is fixed and settled by eternal decree. Let us not be anxious about it, but wait with patience till the gates of pearl shall open."[/b] [u]Amen ![/u]

Thank you dorcas for always being there for all of us, as your family.

I pray my "me" disappears too ;-) .

Bless [u]you[/u] Always. Amen.

 2005/10/2 21:56

 Re: I need prayer friends

Dear Annie,

I have experienced that longing to be in heaven. I know how hard pressed you must have been feeling, but I suspect you have many more souls to touch and bless before your time is up....

The sentence after the one I underlined is also very challenging - the idea of never giving way.

Because of mom leaving when I was 2 mo.s old and then going through 7 homes after that and all since I was little were abusive

Sister, I testify to you there is more healing for you. While you are laid up, ask Him for it simply, every day, and let Him minister to you as only He can.

I'm sure you've received healing many ways and times before but this is a realm of its own, which many may think they can do without, (not necessarily you), whereas to withstand, they really need to have every little gap in the foundation, solidly filled by His reconstructive power. Reaching back to those early months is not beyond Him. I've been amazed at how much - literally quantity of healing I've had recently, to lay-to-rest foundational [i]inner man[/i] needs. Be blessed in this way... :-)

 2005/10/2 22:46

Joined: 2005/5/2
Posts: 3777

 Re: A lady who survived abandonment

Annie (and others), I would like to introduce you to Stephanie Fast- a lady who has a ministry in healing from past abuse:
Abandoned at the age of four to wander the war-torn Korean countryside, Stephanie Fast has a remarkable story of survival. She was persecuted and tortured because of her bi-racial ethnicity. Abused on the city streets and finally discarded and left to die in a garbage dump, Stephanie was miraculously rescued by a World Vision nurse. The nursing of spiritual health began.

For seven years she was a street child — eating, sleeping and living on the streets of Korea. Adopted by an American missionary couple at the age of nine, Stephanie became a Christian and pretended that her problems were over — until she allowed the Lord to heal her of emotional and physical abuse.

Read more about her remarkable story (!)
This is a very enlightening read for everyone. It shows what God can do through the most unlikely possibilities – like one abandoned by age 4 - to survive like an animal.

Here you can find a short sample of [url=]Short Audioclip of Stephanie Fast[/url]
You can find more on the web about her – her tapes (Focus on the Family) and books on other sites.

You mentioned that you have ME. I assume that you mean Myalgic Encephalopathy. I had that for ten years. My life and entire family fell apart during that time. I remember being on the bottom a lot. But God remade me through it all. Now I am thankful that he allowed it to happen – because it brought me to him.

I’m glad you mentioned that because that helps me understand a bit more of the struggle of your daily life.


 2005/10/10 16:59Profile

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