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 Andrew Strom


Does anyone know anything about Andrew Strom and his ministry (is he biblically sound, etc...). I came across his web site and scanned through a few articles and I see he's like an advocate for believers who don't attend a "traditional" church.

Can anyone give me more insight into this movement and his ministry?



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 Re: Andrew Strom

Andrew Strom has been discussed and talked about already. I have posted some of his materials on this site and if you do a search for his name you can find threads that people discuss things.

I didn't get to meet with him while I have been in Missouri (kanasas city area). But I do pray at another time I can meet him in person and fellowship. I have refrained from getting his audio teachings on the site not because I don't feel he has a good message but overall his entire message in my heart at this point is not something I am trying to encourage the body of Christ at SI to pursue and meditate on.

He has much good to say! May we all pursue the truth of the Gospel and to be the book of Acts in our day and age.

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