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 Small town Witnessing

Just curious how some of you would go about this:

I live out in the county area of a small town (4,000 in town; 12,000 in entire county). We are a "bedroom" community to a larger city (80,000 in city, 250,000 county-wide).

It seems to me that all of the sucessful witnessing stories come from big city encounters (large parks for open air preaching, etc...)

Well, our area is rife with churches. We are part of a very "churched" community.

I am reminded of the bible verse that says that a prophet is not honored in his hometown. This seems to agree that it is difficult to witness effectively in a small community where you will have encounters with the same people over and over.

The reason I like the idea of witnessing in a larger area/population is because it offers a degree of anonimnity. It is hard to be "bold as a lion" when you know that your actions will be reviewed and replayed in someones mind each time they see you comming.

I live in a small community. I want to be an effective witness, but I don't want people to move over and cross on the other side of the street when they see me comming! I am not an "ordained" preacher so I am worried that I would look like a fanatic or a local weirdo. Also I do not want to embarass myself, my family or my friends.

This may be a rambling post, but I hope you understand my question. How can I effectively witness in this setting/situation?

Mark Shelby

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 Re: Small town Witnessing

I have 58,047 in the city (large town) right next to mine. The town I actually live I think has around 2,000-3,000. I drive to the larger town to do open-air and one-to-one. It just depends on what you are wanting to do. If your county is a wet county. Bars and clubs are usually a hotspot for sinners. There is 157,715 in my county but most of them are in the northern part of the county.. so it's alittle bigger. I am also in the heart of the bible belt... good ol' Arkansas... You can see my thread [url=]First Time Open-air and after[/url] to see some of my reports.

Josh Parsley

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Cleveland, Georgia


I very often do not witness when I should, but I do sometimes. I used to be extremely concerned with what people thought of me. Over time, I am only very concerned with what people think of me. I trust that walking with Christ, and seeking Him first, I will eventually be mildly concerned, and then not really concerned with what others think at all.

I have stepped out in faith, and while I was answered quite a few time with being labeled "religious fanatic" or something similar, many times I have found that once people see that you are not going to cut chickens' heads off, they realize that there may be a chance that you really know something (or someone) that they don't. Fellowship with His sufferings is a wonderful thing.

Don't let me fool you, the further I get away from my family and neighborhood, the bolder I get. There is actually a Way of the Master episode about witnessing to your family, how it is much harder than strangers. I've witnessed for an hour at the square before, but I have also walked away from people that have said things that I should have allowed to be the beginning of witnessing session.

Rely on Him, and pray for the Holy Ghost to do the work through you. We are weak, but the Holy Ghost in us is not. Just start crawling, then walk for a while. You might get knocked down, so just keep crawling. Crawling is easy, you have already done that. Keep trying to get on your feet for the gospel's sake. After doing this for a while, you will look back and remember conversations you had, or things you did with people present that will make your future conversasions and actions easier.

What is the best way to begin your evangelism? Just start doing it. Tell us how it goes.

Hal Bachman

 2005/9/27 22:04Profile

 Re: Small town Witnessing

Before we moved down yonder here, we lived up north in a fairly small town.

I saw a 95 year old man mowing his own lawn, and got so upset, I about cried my way home.


So I got on the phone and called the Pastors of all the Churches in Town and said, "I want to start a Volunteer Help Org., to help 'whoever' needs help or companionship or a mentor, whatever, in our own town" ... the Pastors said, "Cool !" So I asked each Pastor if I could just have a few minutes to explain it to their congregations, and they said, Yup.

So then I called the Big City Newspaper and told them the same thing, and gave them the Name of the Volunteer Help Group.

They wrote a big story about it, then phone calls came in of folks who wanted to volunteer, and at the first meeting, I told them, we're gonna witness Jesus, by racking leaves, shoveling snow, taking out people's garbage, WHATEVER we get calls for.

So all it takes is one person to take the calls for help and then to put out the announcement at the Churches, and be there yourself to witness Christ.

So many old folks want to stay at home and not give up their homes, but they can't do some of the things needing done anymore.

Then you'll meet new Mommys, that just need someone to talk to them.

Etc. Etc.

I made pretty eye-catching Flyers on the computer to hang at the Stores and Post Office and Town Hall etc., stating all the ways we were there for 'anyone'.
Kids could help rake leaves and old folks could mentor kids, etc. etc..

If each town did this ... can you imagine what could happen ?

There is so much NEED out there, and "doing" for folks always goes farther than just talking, I think.

All HIS Best to you. :-)

 2005/9/27 22:24

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