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 EU montoring Internet and phone calls


The European Commission has adopted proposals to log details of all telephone, Internet, and e-mail traffic, to combat terrorism and serious crime.
The push for EU-wide data storage came after the Madrid bomb attacks last year, and intensified after the London bomb attacks in July, when Britain took over the rotating EU presidency.

The Commission proposes storing data related to mobile and fixed telephone traffic for a year, to allow the police to trace the time, place, and numbers used.

Internet data such as e-mails would be kept for six months.

The Commission's text aims to harmonise the current patchwork of data retention practices across the bloc.

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 Re: EU montoring Internet and phone calls

I love how things have and are being done for over a decade now and how they say, "this is a proposal".

Back in 2000, I told my dear Pastor's mom (who's in Heaven now) about "Echelon", and she didn't believe it, but I told her how long it had been going on, even back then.

She was the type to Never miss Church services, but one Sunday night, she decided to stay home and put the news on, just for background noise and she was shocked to see a whole program (60 Minutes or one like it) about Echelon busting a normal U.S. mother in '98 or '99, for saying her "son bombed out in his play" on the phone ... the beasty computer only picked up the "b" word and the fed agents were at her house in short time. :-(

 2005/9/25 14:37

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Tell us briefly about what they do.

Hal Bachman

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Briefly ? Brother, how many woman do you know that you could say "briefly" to. Ha !

Briefly is type it into your search engine.

But cuz it was you, I got a few articles for you.


It started way back but got strongest during Clinton's reign and now much more since the patriot act.
If I can, I'll try to find the Section number in the Patriot act that allows more than just wire tapping.

This is as brief as I could do as a female, cuz there's tons on a Search ... :-)

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