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Discussion Forum : General Topics : how many christians do not go to the cinema or watch televison or go the movies

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 Re: how many christians do not go to the cinema or watch televison or go the movies

I got rid of my satellite dish two plus years ago, praise God.

It's not that a TV is sinful, but wading about in the news and things of this world leave a bad aftertaste in one's soul.

The last movie I saw in the theater was a documentary about a pair of North Korean gymnasts entitled "A State of Mind". I know God will free North Korea soon, and watch anything about this future mission field.

The last movie I saw at home was a DVD copy of "Hotel Rwanda". Rwanda is another foreign country that has a missional special place in my heart.

oh yeh, I watched "The Best Years of Our Lives", a 1946 film about returning WW2 GI's that won 7 of my favorite bestest films, and there's no cursing in it!! (lol)

 2005/9/16 19:11

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Santa Rosa, California



My family and I got rid of our cable and only watch carefully selected DVD's that wont pollute us with immoral filth that just dont profit or edify a child of God.

It doesnt make me more loved by God but it makes it easier to love and worship Him by not being distracted nor consumed with watching sitcoms, trash talk shows, or reality shows.



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Hemel Hempstead


I was just interested because the people who dont are
David Wilkenson
Art Katz said he didnt go to the movies
Mose Stoflus
does anybody know any more preacher who dont
I was also interested in everyone else aswell,
:) :-) :-)

Could you share a bit why you are doing this survey?

I was seeing if there is anyone like me!! curiosity more than anything else

What are your feelings about it?

I just feel alot more free'er , I spend more time and money on books!!

Dominic Shiells

 2005/9/16 21:55Profile

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 Re: TV rots your brains

I just feel alot more free'er ,

So true! When we free up our minds from the information overload and other invasive stimuli that come on the screen, it's awesome what our minds are free to do.

I tell my piano students that TV rots their brains. So if they want to be good musicians, they have to sacrifice TV. In my experience kids who watch a lot of TV are not as disciplined, and cannot think as well as those who watch very litte TV/movies.

I'm not a movie fan. I must admit that while I would prefer NEVER to see any movies, it is sometimes the thing I must do with my husband. He occasionaly has one for me to watch, and sometimes it is more unloving to refuse. Doing so could actually be a selfish thing - wanting to stick to MY rigid nvictions, MY desires.

I have to admit that when this thread first popped up my eyes rolled a bit. I was wondering, "here we go again, more legalism". But your response indicates that you made your choice, not to get more brownie points with God, but because you feel liberated that way.

For some, when it is a lifestyle rule that they are requried to follow, then TV abstinence may actually perceive as restrictive. These people (kis?) may feel that they are being controlled. So then their hearts desire may be that they become FREED up to watch what they want.

Clearly one who never watches the screen is not necessarily more Christ-focused than one who does.
And we need to accept that people have different convictions - not always the same as us or our spiritual heros.


 2005/9/17 23:15Profile


Good Post Diane.

I felt the same reaction when I saw the title and avoided it for that reason.

I like your statement that it "rots your brain".
I may agree with you here whole-heartedly, but it's when I make that "my" righteousness, then I'm wrong and wouldn't judge another who doesn't feel that conviction.

There are times, like in emergencies, like weather or whatever, I have it here to turn on, but with a computer now, I really don't need the TV for anything.

The "scientific" data on what TV watching does to the brain was much more interesting to me than anything I've read on this entire issue.

Thanks for posting your balanced view.


 2005/9/17 23:34


How are the veggie tales movies? I heard from like ALL ages that they love them. Are they really 'that' good? what makes them good?

 2005/9/18 0:03


Ah oh, controversy.

Everyone I hear from say Veggie Tales aren't good, for several Biblical reasons... but I'm not familiar with all the reasons they gave.
I heard them, but didn't put it to memory.

I don't have little ones, so I just listen to what home-schooling Christians parents say on that one.

 2005/9/18 0:44

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 Re: veggie tales

I like Veggie Tales. Even though the show has some real seedy characters, they remind me of my salad days. My only critique is that when it comes to teaching morals, they have no legs to stand on. They have no arms either, but that's for another discussion. Seriously I think the show teaches kids that it's not our ability that's important, but our vegetability. :lol: [img align=left][/img]

Mike Compton

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The Netherlands


Veggie Tales, only seeing their pictures make me laugh, they are great :-)


 2005/9/18 8:00Profile

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 Re: how many christians do not go to the cinema or watch televison or go the movies

Dear Brethren,

I do not watch TV and do not go to the movies! The last film I saw in the cinema was "Luther" and enjoyed it thoroughly. I do watch godly and upbuilding things on my PC. The most recent dvd I watched was a documentary on the life of Billy Graham. What a blessings!

When I decided to get rid of the TV, I first cut off the cord and had it stand there for some time. Then I took it out. Since then, my marraige has become a greater blessing and our walk with the Lord has become deeper, more stable. In the first week or so, we didn't know what to do with all the time. We ended up singing hymns on our bed. Isn't that great?
On Wednesday nights we started an Hour of Prayer, just the two of us. Some time ago we would've sat in front of the TV, polluting our minds. The Bible says, in whatever you do, give glory to God. Show me the one who can give God glory while watcing soaps, where they lust, envy, hate, steal, etc. and I will question that person's honesty.

May the Lord expose our hearts to us.

In His love,

 2005/9/18 15:41Profile

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