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Discussion Forum : General Topics : how many christians do not go to the cinema or watch televison or go the movies

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Joined: 2005/1/6
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Hemel Hempstead

 how many christians do not go to the cinema or watch televison or go the movies

I am one person who does not do that I am interested in preachers and teachers who do not and to see how many people do not peform these actions


Dominic Shiells

 2005/9/16 10:48Profile

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 Re: how many christians do not go to the cinema or watch televison or go the movies

I am not clergy and do not hold a teaching position, but work in music.
I do not go to movies, and watch little TV. I wish that I did not at all.
I cannot seem to resist Speedvision, the History channel at times, and U Tn Vols sports...

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 Re: why?

see how many people do not peform these actions

Could you share a bit why you are doing this survey?
What are your feelings about it?


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 Re: how many christians do not go to the cinema or watch televison or go the movies

I'm not in any kind of position of leadership in the church (I'm just a college student), but no - I don't do any of these things. It can make life a little awkward at times with my peers, but I really consider myself blessed to have been raised in a home where movies, television, etc, were just kept out. I know many who observed my family considered this too "legal", but when I see the effect that some of these indulgences of the age have had on other young people, I think a little legality can be good.

So.... right, I'm not sure why you're asking this (I'd be interested to know too), but there's an answer for you.


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Having a TV won't send you to Hell and not having one doesn't give you a place in Heaven.

I have a TV. I do not have cable or anything of that nature. I get 2 channels sometimes 3. I probably watch about 5-10 minutes of public TV a week. I do use my TV for watching DVDs. Right now I probably watch DVD or so a night.

I run into a lot of atheist and evolutionist in the street so I've been watching alot of creation science DVDs I have borrowed from a friend. It is very interesting. For me, it makes me realize how perfect God is and that is Word is true. It's true morally, theologically, geographicly, historicly, and scientificly.

TV's can be a great tool to learn from. The problem is that most have made it an idol instead of a tool of learning and edification.

Josh Parsley

 2005/9/16 12:13Profile


T.V. and the Internet can be BAD tools. They both are dangerous. Or how a brother in the Lord said 'If you had a sharp saw, would you not use it cause it can cut off a limb? NO! why when you need to cut some wood and make something productive of it.' I sounded just like the apostles 'What you mean by that?' He said 'The saw is powerful, and dangerous if held incorrectly, and used shamefully. You can cut off a limb, cut your finger or many other ways to use it incorrectly. But when you use it for good then you can cut anything safely and be more efficent.'

Praise God for that. (He used that to rebuke me when i said 'I'm not going on the Internet PERIOD'. As you can tell, i'm on... And that was like 3-4 weeks ago.)

 2005/9/16 12:35


I dont go to movies for 2 reasons:
a) 98% of them are beyond morally corrupt.
b) Too expensive.

We have a TV with DirecTV. Reason? We homeschool, and there are a plethura of educational channels that we utilize into our schooling. Of course, it has to be screened too for obvious reasons.

Also... I'm a football junkie. But I'm not a lounge chair rat about it. My boys and I are very involved in football here in our little town.


 2005/9/16 13:08

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Cleveland, Georgia

 Re: how many christians do not go to the cinema or watch televison or go the movies

I will watch anything that is not obviously corrupt, which 99.something% of the entertainment industry is.

I enjoy Way of the Master, Chuck Missler, and Creation Science Evangelism DVD's and any DVD that is constructive. I want to see The Apostle again.

Regular programming is so ridiculous. We just went to basic cable, and I haven't plugged the cable up for a while out of laziness, and I haven't missed TV at all. I do like Discovery, History, etc, even though the information of Discovery is way off, I like to hear what the heathen are teaching. Even these shows are boring me in comparison with studying Him, and the things He has done to people in times past.

Movies, same thing. I will occasionally watch movies, but get more and more offended spiritually by them. I watched a movie on a plane to the US from overseas that was so blasphemous it was ridiculous. Had Peter talking to a little boy and explaining that the miracle of the fish and loaves was contrived (heavily Catholic in reference).

The internet is different, in my opinion, that you basically have the ability to choose what you participate in. Whereas almost all TV and movies are filled with worldly things (sex scenes/nudity, language, violene, etc). This site for example is highly constructive, as well as a list of other ones. I would classify internet as being very different from TV, though it can be used for good or evil just like a phone can be.

Hal Bachman

 2005/9/16 14:36Profile

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Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania


There is a TV in my living room that isn't hooked up except to use it with a DVD or VCR. With all the filth that is on TV I don't want it in my house.

Movies are the same way. What do I want to sit and listen to someone curse my Lord or mock moral values with filthy jokes?

In Christ,

Gary Eckenroth

 2005/9/16 16:16Profile

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Morehead, KY


We have a TV in our living room. We do not and have not had cable, almost since I've been married. We do get two channels, PBS and We get a station, that WAS family friendly, PAX, but they have changed to I and are running some bad shows, so we're gonna get rid of the bunny ears.
We also have a VCR and DVD player we have a 2 year old who we let watch Chrstian Videos and the like. We do not go to the movies, I have to agree with most the it is really a waste of time and too expensive.We really don't watch a whole lot of DVDs either, unless they are Bible or educational. Just my two cents.


 2005/9/16 17:03Profile

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