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 Bad Witness ?

Dear SI Friends,

Some days ago, I hurt a brother by misunderstanding or misreading his post.
I couldn't get over that I had done such a horrible, devastating thing.
I wrote him to apologise, and well, he's a good brother. (understated)

But I feared "myself" so badly after that, that I told him that I would no longer post, because I never wanted to do that to another human again.

Then this morning, someone rebuked me with a whole chapter out of the O.T., that I was wrong to say I wouldn't post anymore.
I wept when I read it and saw his point.

Now I'm wondering .... what is the 'worst' "Witness" ?

To say, I better "pack it in with posting & forums", as I basically said on that thread and then suddenly go against 'my word' and start posting again because of this morning's rebuke ... doesn't that look like a lie now ?

I'm dead serious here in asking, because I don't want to be a bad witness "again".
To say one thing some days ago and then turn around and say,,,, Hey, Never mind, I'm posting again.
You see the dilemma ?

I've been given reasons from others that the only wrong was in me saying "I should give up".
What was I "giving up ON" ?

Listen, my head is still spinning from all of this, and what I did to this brother, though he's forgiving and understood what went wrong ... but this whole "Post or Don't" thing is driving me into a total mental whirlwind, and with at least one sister here, she knows "why" MY HEAD can go into those without much help from others.

So which is the worse witness ? And I'm asking sincerely ... Because after what some have said, I sincerely can't figure either way anymore and I'm getting sort of exhausted from whirlwinding.

From my heart, and with my apologies and with keyboard all but literally in my mouth. :-?

Thank you if you'll just tell me like it is and honestly correct me or whatever you feel led to write .... most especially those "guys" who I've possibly offended.
I don't want to be cut off from 'growth' either.


 2005/9/14 17:59

 Re: Bad Witness ?

Dear Annie,

I think, if one reads many of crsschk's posts, one realises you are not the first person to have misunderstood what another poster meant. There have been a lot of behind the scenes apologies as well as questions asked in posts to sort out these little glitches.

When you first came here, you were overwhelmed by the size of this site. All there is to read, is very alluring and maybe reading too quickly is a temptation we all face. We all, also, seek to feel safe and secure when we're posting, and try to say what we mean. I'm beginning to think it is quite easy though, to think we are making perfect sense and not realise what we are assuming the other posters do or don't know. Even when a person has prayed carefully about what they want to say and said it, the discussion which follows may take them by surprise. I think we have to say 'that's people' and 'put it all down to experience'.

As to 'witness', I believe it is as we show we love one another - through working things out together - that the witness will be preserved in favour of glorifying Christ's Name.

 2005/9/14 18:18

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 Re: Bad Witness ?

Dear Annie,
Two words for you, Keep posting.
Nellie :-)

 2005/9/14 18:19Profile

Joined: 2005/8/29
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 Re: Bad Witness ?

Dear Annie,

Why not pm the first brother and the person who quoted the OT and say you feel that you made a mistake to say you will never post again. Thereafter continue your posting as before. You have been a blessing to all of us and thank you for it!

"But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light." (Eph 5:13)

In His love,

 2005/9/14 18:44Profile

 Re: Bad Witness ?

Dear Dorcas, Nellie, And Gery,

Thank you so much for your council.

That's what my husband just said, when he got home just now, that "in a multitude of councilors ....."

So I thank you.

Gery, I have spoken to the one brother and he said basically "see you on SI" ... so I guess I knew how he felt from that ...

But it was the fact that I had 'sworn off forums' in writing - in public, that I didn't want to be a bad witness to say one thing ... and then do the opposite, without asking or asking what looked bad or not.

I do appreciate your answers and I thank you all for bearing with me.

I could use excuses of 'illness' or traumatic childhood, and endless excuses for my "whirlwinds", but Scripturally, I owed folks an open apology and explaination and to make sure it didn't come off as 'lying' to you all.
I couldn't just take the council that has already been given me privately and just "assume" others would understand, why I said one thing one day, and did another a few days later.

God Bless you all richly, and I thank you if you'd pray that God could help me with my reactions and whatever part that things I mentioned above in this post, may play a part in those reactions.

Y'all have been very brotherly/sisterly.
Thank you !

 2005/9/14 19:26

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 Re: Good testimony!

Dear Annie,

In this you have been a good example of how we should all go out of our way to walk in the light.

Please, pray also for me.

In Him,

 2005/9/14 20:02Profile

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 Re: Bad Witness ?

Hi GrannieAnnie...!

You are such an incredible woman of God! I hope that you continue to bless us by your presence here on SermonIndex for many years (or until the coming of the Lord).

One thing that I love about SermonIndex is the vibrant array of personalities. We all come from different backgrounds, but we are all hungry for more of the Lord. Ever-so-often, there are disagreements. But I think that is often expected in "families." Even Paul and Barnabas had a rather sharp disagreement.

During high school, I had a friend who began attending the church that I attended. After a few months, she was hurt by some of the other young people in our youth group. She told me that she wanted for her family to go back to the church that they previously attended (in a town about 50 miles away). She told me that no one in her family had ever been hurt there. I told her that it might be because they were not as [i]involved[/i] in that church, and only attended once or twice a week. Thus, they hardly allowed themselves to be placed in a position to be hurt. I told her that if she lived closer to that church, and attended just as frequently (or was as involved there), she might find the same experience there. She decided to stay, and became a wonderful example to the rest of the youth.

I enjoy reading your posts, GrannieAnnie! I pray that you will continue to bless us with your posts. I know that you have blessed me tremendously.



 2005/9/14 20:45Profile

 Re: Mutual

Watchman Nee once said, something to the effect that "When a blessing is from God, it will always MUTUALLY bless both" and as my very first paragragh on my first post said,,,, "Understated" Chris.

I told someone here recently, that I do more reading of posts then posting, and that I love everyone here, and get so much out of just sitting back and reading y'all share.

I don't always post, "Well done" ... I just smile and get blessed by posts of others, but maybe I need to post more when I feel that "well done and amen" come up in my heart.

I've been eyeballing Gery's posts since he's been here and have gotten that smile each time.
And Nellie's and Dorcas' :-) and should have more often posted 'wow - good job' or at least say that Amen that I've felt so often.
I barely know Nellie, but from the first I read her posts, I said, wow, good sister. But I haven't said it as often as I've felt it to her or Gery or others. I remember telling Chanin that and maybe one through a PM, but I maybe should post these more.

I guess, I've never liked to see my own name up on the board page a lot, though I have more posts than some who have been here for 2 yr.s... Ha. Truthfully before Him, I am still working on "self-consciousness", which I know is sin I read.

Chris, I've learned more from you than you'll know, this side of Glory and even before my major mess-up, but even the more now.

I asked someone last week, to pray that I learn when to "shut-up".... and of all people, He would use as the sacrificial lamb, to teach me, it was probably the only one who could forgive me so quickly, because he took the time to get to know me and befriend me, etc. and God have things happen so "miraculously" as they did. Storms, power-outages, and a Particular Song. Wow !!!!
God blows me away. I can't thank Him enough... though I still repent, I can't help but see His mercy and tender kindness in all of this.

It's like, the Lord used the only person He knew would break my heart the most, when I saw my fault, just to get HIS point across ... James 1:19 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath .... PHEW !!!

He answered with that verse. Imagine that !

Thank you brother for it all.

And thank you to all who cared enough about ol' encephalopathy head to answer hear. ;-)

All His Love.


Edit: Oops, almost forgot, yes Gery, AMEN.
"Pray one for another" Amen !!!

 2005/9/14 23:02

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 Re: Thanks

Dear Granny Annie

Thanks for that!

In Him,

 2005/9/15 17:18Profile

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Cleveland, Georgia



Don't leave us. I personally like to hear what you have to say.

I have been guilty of reading posts so fast, that I've written responses, and then while re-reviewing the other person's post, later realized that I missed their point, and didn't even need to reply because I realized they were agreeing with me for the most part. It's easy to miss words here of there, and sometimes we read over pivitol words.

We sharpen each other's weapons here. We cross swords to sharpen our own, and to develop skills with His weapon.

I, for one, have most certainly made statements about subjects in my teachings as well as on this forum, that I have seen later to be wrong due to:

1) lack of knowledge of Scripture on my part
2) lack of understanding of Scripture I've read
3) incorrect instruction by someone else I probably over-respected

For example, on this forum I've spoken often concerning evangelism, and not included the baptism of the Holy Ghost as a legitimate experience in reaching people for Christ. So while I didn't have a clear understanding of the doctrine of the Holy Ghost, I don't feel that I need to quit posting because of something I did in this past that I would do differently today.
My theology has done 180's in some areas, and remained the same in others. I think Phil said, 'We're all learning here.'

So I am trying to say that if we waited until our doctrine was 100% pure before trying to make any statements: firstly, we would die before discussing anything, and secondly, how would we learn anything?

As far as a 'bad witness' goes, first off, your not one. Second, for someone who is, I always go back to what Paul preached:

Phil 1:18 "What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice."

Hal Bachman

 2005/9/16 1:01Profile

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