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 Referendum on Kenya's new Constitution–need prayer and prayerful opinion

Praise the Lord!
Kenya is a 42-year old country. And we're making our first, brand new post-independence constitution, after 2 years of drafts and reviews.
The country votes in a referendum 21st November 2005.
(FYI: banana=Yes; Orange=No)

Believers in Kenya are divided on whether it honors God, with serious problems on the provisions for abortion and religious courts (see below).

[b]We now have 3 new courts:[/b]
Christian courts, Kadhi’s (Islamic) courts, Hindu courts and other religious courts shall have jurisdiction to determine questions of their religious laws relating to personal status, marriage, divorce and matters consequential to divorce, inheritance and succession in proceedings in which all the parties profess the respective faith, as may be prescribed by an Act of Parliament.

[b]Abortion is outlawed, but can be legalized by Parliament:[/b]
(1) Every person has the right to life except as may be prescribed in an Act of Parliament.
(2) The life of a person begins at conception.
(3) Abortion is not permitted except as may be provided for by
an Act of Parliament.

But to me, the constitution is a reflection Kenyan society.
Only 7% of all Kenyans attend an evangelical church.

The rest are Roman Catholic (33%) or nominally Protestant (45%). The rest would be Muslim 10%, indigenous 10%, followed by other minorities.

The other big concern is a virtually autonomous Parliament (my non-legal mind doesn't know the implications of that!). Except that I know our MP's have proven themselves to be a rotten lot, and giving them more power seems dangerous!

Having said that there are some good things added with regards to rights and abuses by the executive.

Having read the various posts on...
"Laura Bush Calls Criticism Of Husband 'Disgusting'"
... I believe I would benefit from your opinions, also considering that many western nations have had Constitutions closer to the biblical standard.
Would also appreciate your prayer for our country, as the Lord would lead you.
God bless,

Richard Walker

 2005/9/12 2:24Profile

 Re: Referendum on Kenya's new Constitution–need prayer and prayerful opinion

Richard, I will pray for the church in Kenya, as well as our brothers and sisters in Uganda and Rwanda. May God have the Glory in these countries!!

 2005/9/12 16:42

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Yes, praying also brother May God move in powerful ways. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much!

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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