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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Laura Bush Calls Criticism Of Husband 'Disgusting'

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 Laura Bush Calls Criticism Of Husband 'Disgusting'


WASHINGTON -- First lady Laura Bush is coming to the defense of her husband.
She described as "disgusting" comments by rapper Kanye West and Democratic chairman Howard Dean blaming her husband for the disproportionate numbers of black hurricane victims.

She told an interviewer with American Urban Radio Networks, that Bush "cares about everyone" in the country. She said she knows that because she lives with him.

Bush has faced sharp criticism over federal relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina victims, who are disproportionately black and poor.

On a live nationally televised telethon Friday, West departed from the script to declare that "George W. Bush doesn't care about black people."

And earlier this week, Dean told a black religious group that race played a role in the hurricane casualty numbers.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Laura Bush Calls Criticism Of Husband 'Disgusting'

Mat 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation...

The word for nation is ethnos. Ethnic group against ethnic group...

Josh Parsley

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Reading, UK


This morning one of the UK TV stations had a story about a family in Texas which had taken in a black family from New Orleans. The home was palacial and the woman of the house commented that they were Christians. We then saw shots of the two women making sandwiches together. The New Orleans woman was overwhelmed at the home in which she had been welcomed but the two women were obviously getting on well together and the white Texan was very relaxed in sharing what God had blessed them with.

It was a delight! I was all choked up just watching it. Praise God for straightforward Christian grace and open heartedness. Sometimes it takes a Katrina to reveal what God can do in people.

Ron Bailey

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Thats great Philo! I like to hear a little bit of balance. Just about all I've heard is black vs white concerning the event.

Josh Parsley

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What a wonderful story of the the church being the church. If only the media would speak and show the coverage of all the white Americans helping the black Americans. My wife and I were discussing this a little bit last night and I realized that most of the rescue efforts, the help being offerd and the huge donations of money are being done by white Americans, or at least that is what I have seen. Everything seems to get blown out of proportion but the truth is rarely given.



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 Re: Laura Bush Calls Criticism Of Husband 'Disgusting'

I agree about the black vs. white thing. It's ridiculous. That's not what it's about. Some people are just taking it to that extreme. I think I saw that televised telethon where West, I guess, started pointing the finger saying that racism was getting practiced against the hurricane victims in New Orleans. Oh man... I knew that wasn't in the script and it made my heart skip a beat. I just felt such anger from that guy and division. So a large number of the victims in New Orleans happen to be black and poor... those are facts, and I think that was pointed out so that something could be done about their situation. There are lots of good stories out there about families opening up their homes, people turning to and relying on God, and several organizations and even nations around the world helping out with the hurricane relief. MSNBC, in my opinion, has been doing a good job covering all the good, hopeful stories and did their part in trying to help like getting medical attention to those in need or reuniting family members that had been slpit during evacuations. They've had several one hour special edition evening news on-site in New Orleans and other places affected by the hurricane and great special Dateline shows giving updates on how the relief has been going. And I've been surprised how much they've chosen to air when people have talked about God being their hope and salvation during this time. They even ended a bunch of news programs with Christian songs, singing about the Lord. I see that as monumental. I see that as a miracle.

Yolanda Fields

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 Re: Laura Bush Calls Criticism Of Husband 'Disgusting'

As a 55 year old American-African myself, who came thru the thick of the Civil Rights Movement, i can tell you point blank that i can sense racism like a smoke detector detects smoke, and i see NO RACISM in the images my TV brings me of the Katrina survivors ... These days i get more grief for being a open Christian than for being black ...

Nay, to the contrary, as i've had to point out to so many of those (saved and unsaved) in my ethnic group, "all i see is a whole bunch of white people helping a humongous amount of black people the best way they can" ... i saw Sean Penn actually in the water helping folk, but i didn't see Jay-Z and P-Diddy, and poor black folk are suppose to be there peeps! ... Things that make you go hmmmmmm ...

i expect unsaved black folk, and the so called opportunistic Rev's Jackson and Sharpton to play the race card whenever possible, but it hurts me to my heart when any American-African Christian can't take off the dark glasses of past racial wrongs to allow the clear vision of the Holy Spirit as to what is happening now ...

By God's grace and guidance to the point of enabling my good common sense, i can see where the faults lie ... The chain of command and communication in any emergency is local, state and federal, at which point the initial two sadly failed ... It didn't do the poor citizens of New Orleans any good for their Mayor to tell them to get out, instead of firing up all those hundreds of school buses to getting them out, as it also didn't do the left behinds any good to be told by the Mayor to go to the Super Dome when in fact there was no provisions for them when the got there ... And on the state level with the Govenor, her ineptitude is just to great to go into, to say nothing of the archaic laws on the books of Mississippi, Alabama and Loisiana that dismiss the Federal government from any doings in their emegencies because they were so bent our of shape during the Civil Rights years of the Federal governments support of that movement ... But no, it's easier for folk to propigate false witness against ones fellow man, than to sit, glean and gather facts towards the truth ... If anything anymore in America if we do in fact have an "ism" problem it's not "racism", but "classism" ... Today rich, upper and middle class blacks have the same disdain as our white counterparts for those they call "poor white trash", and most modern white folk now know that there's that same class distinction when they think of American-Africans ...

There's always something good that comes out of every tragedy, and for this saint if it's nothing but our Lord exposing charlatans and there poisinous self serving messages, by toppling on them their own self built weak walls of personal gain ... Then i say Lord, if they won't repent, then do them like Jericho! ... Thru this, and the other disasters coming, God's about to fix a whole lot of mess that needs fixin ... :beard:

 2005/9/9 14:58Profile


When the majority of people in New Orleans are black, what did people expect to see down there? Chinese people??

Then you have this idiot hip-hop singer saying "George Bush doesnt care about black people" on a telethon to raise money for hurricane victims... my my my. Funny thing, this guy released his second CD the very same day he made those remarks in front of the nation. No such thing as bad publicity. I would say this guy cares more about CD sales than he does hurricane victims.

I cant believe that in a time like this people would play the race card. What a shame.

These people who are crying racism should look at the mayor of New Orleans (who happens to be African American) and ask him where all the money went that the federal government has sent them in the past (millions and millions of dollars) that was appropriated toward upgrading those levies. It all disappeared... where I come from thats called misappropriation of funds.

13% of the nation, according to an NBC poll think that the federal government is to blame. Thats the same 13% kook fringe that has hated Bush ever since the 2000 election. This is nothing new.


 2005/9/9 16:13

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Br. Rahman wrote:

If anything anymore in America if we do in fact have an "ism" problem it's not "racism", but "classism" ... Today rich, upper and middle class blacks have the same disdain as our white counterparts for those they call "poor white trash", and most modern white folk now know that there's that same class distinction when they think of American-Africans ...

I have a Chinese Brother hear at work whose parents live in New Orleans near the Mississippi River. They are some of those who still will not leave their home. They are in their 70's and will not leave for they fear relocation,

According to my friends testimony, back in 1969 during another devastating hurricane, many of the same areas of the city was flooded as they are today. Back then the white population inhabited those areas. After that hurricane, the white population never returned, And now the poorest of the poor took up residence in these same flood impacted areas.

So what we are experiencing now are pictures of poverty.

The events of 911 impacted the wealth of this nation. It might be interesting to compare the response of that situation to the response of this situation. One might say that the two events cannot be looked at in like manner. What I am pointing to is not the specific circumstances but the response.

I heard yesterday that the Insurance companies do not expect to pay out as much as they had to in the 911 incident. Also we are still spending how many billions we don't have to fight terrosist we don't know.

Amos 3:11 Therefore thus says the Lord GOD:
“An adversary shall be all around the land;
He shall sap your strength from you,
And your palaces shall be plundered.”

Everywhere one turns the leaders of the world seem to be more foolish with each passing day,

In Christ

Jeff Marshalek

 2005/9/9 16:21Profile


I heard today that 67% of blacks surveyed believe that the lackluster response of the Federal govt was due to race, while 77% of whites asked the same question did NOT believe that race was a factor.

The reality is that this is a disaster that could have been avoided had infrastructure money been put into the levee system, which failed.

All I know is this: my sister, black, who is NEVER strident or angry, who is a public school teacher serving the children of the city of Chicago, was on fire livid, last Wednesday during the day when those awful pictures were bubbling up from the Convention Center. She is NOT an angry young black woman, quite the contrary, and she said, "this proves [i]to me[/i]that if you're black in ...are f####d".

and you know what, in all honesty AND accountability she's right, and I'm gonna tell ya'll something else......the mainstream white evangelical churches record during both the run-up to the Civil War, and the issue of slavery...AND during the Civil Rights movement of the 1950's and 60's is [b]abysmal[/b]

We've gone over this terrain before, regarding preachers during the 1780-1861 time period writing reams and reams supporting the institution of slavery.

Civil rights? Civil rights has always been regarded as a left wing type thing......and therefore verboten to a white evangelical church I see increasingly as a harlot of the right wing in america,


There's a lot lot more I could say about this, but lemme just stop.

 2005/9/9 20:17

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