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 death-dealing message ( the cross )

This is a quote in the beginning prayer of a message recommended by brother "couch", a poster on here in another thread.

I've listened to this powerful message twice now, and utterly recommend it for any wanting to hear a message that is not really a "message" .. but something more powerful than that.

[url=] Fire on the altar[/url]

Scroll down a bit to "Bob Gladstone" - A Cross to Power ( sides 1 and 2 )

90 minutes and utterly worth it

" ..... Those are the ears that hear ..
when our whole lives ... all of our guts, and our body .... all of our ambitions ...
all of our dreams and emotions ... the things we've planned and the things we haven't ---

everything about us - OUR SPIRIT hears .....

and therefore our hearing is not merely an understanding ...

but it's simultaneously a consecration - afresh and anew unto God ...

by covenant .. by blood ... for ever and ever ...

this love is stronger than death ... it is blind to this age .. and sees the age to come ...

therefore GIVE US THAT SEEING TONIGHT .... Mighty gracious Father ... THE SEEING
that precedes eternal things ... not as men walking around like trees ... BUT CLEARLY -

seeing the eternal plans of God ... "

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 Re: death-dealing message ( the cross )

I will have a look at this, my thoughts have been directed once again to the power that is in the cross and its implications for man.

I just find Gladstones style a bit of a hinderance, he tells the truth, but something makes him hard to listen to. :-?

Zeke Oosthuis

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lol ZekeO ... I know what you mean.

I'm not at all inclined toward those 'utterances' in a message given by a man of the Lord to the people of God. It definitely distracts & I wonder ( to the Lord ) how it does not distract the speaker, in addition to the hearer.

That said, if one can 'go to the Cross' about those types of things within a message ... then sitting through the entirety is well well well worth it ( coming from someone who used to despise all of these 'charismatic' distractions ).

Gladstone's dream he had, at the end of side 1 gives a great great great and vivid picture of the kind of people the Lord is desiring us to be.

Side 2 has strong words about being dead, so that one does not rise up in offense at every little thing others in the Body do or say to us.

some of the aspects of the message aren't new to the maturing believer - but overall .. it's a message that none of us are too 'mature' to hear

baruch :)

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