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 Good Word from Whitefield

This is a great word from Whitefield:

"I remember that Mr. Henry observes, “Joseph had more honesty than he had policy, or else he would never have told his brethren of his dreams.” Young Christians are too apt to blunder thus: I am sure it is a fault of which I have been exceedingly guilty, speaking of things, which, perhaps, had better been concealed; which is a fault God's people are too apt to fall into. Though it is good for those that have seen Christ, and that have felt his love, to tell others what God hath done for their souls; yet, however you may think of it now, when you come down from the mount, and know yourselves a little, ye will find reason often to hold your tongue. Young Christians are like children, to whom if you give a little money in their pocket, they cannot be quiet till they have spent it upon something or other: young Christians, when they get a little of God, are ready to talk too much of it. They should therefore beware, and know when to speak, and when to be silent."

I remember when I had first been saved, and for the few years that followed, how I would comment on any discussion that was about God. If there was a subject, I had some perspective and opinion on it. And that got me into a lot of debates,arguements, and disagreements with other well meaing believers. One of the most important lessons I have ever learned is when to hold my tongue, and when to slay the giants. Pick and choose your battles and comments well.

 2005/9/3 12:14

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