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 Erwin McManus - The Barbarian Way

Does any one know anything about Erwin McManus or his book "The Barbarian Way"

Any information or opinions good or bad would be helpful.

Thanks -

Patrick Ersig

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 Re: Erwin McManus - The Barbarian Way

If you get that book you will not be dissappointed it is one of the best books that has been written in a long time it will change your way of thinking in so many ways. I would suggest listening to his sermon on that topic it can be found several places on the web

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I wasn't extremely impressed hearing him live at an church planting conference in canada recently. But he does have alot of valid points. The sad things is alot of these emerging church idealist en-vision getting back to apostolic biblical roots but end up making something so different then what it should be.

Like one fellow who talked about doctrine in how we "are the church" and how we need to get away from so many evangelical church terms and usuages. And then proposed for himself a church where certain rooms where greenery rooms where people grow plants etc. It became to me so un-biblical that I would rather go with the traditional church model and pray for a holy ghost revival!

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